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    Series Box Item Description
    7 15 1 Patient account ledger, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, 1909-1911
    7 16 1 Highland Pharmacy sales journal. Later pages of the ledger were used as a scrapbook by Frances Allen with ephemera dated 1904-1925. Scrapbook contains commencement announcements, greeting cards, letters, concert programs, and newspaper clippings, 1915-1917
    7 16 2 Patient account ledger, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, 1915-1918
    7 16 3 Cash and sales journal, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen. Ledger was used for a number of purposes, first as a cash journal of business expenses, later as a sales journal showing daily expenses, charge accounts, and cash sales for Highland Pharmacy, 1909-1918
    7 17 1 Two Oversized Photographs, Unidentified, undated
    7 17 2 Realtor’s Portfolio of Fort Worth apartment buildings. Likely made for the Management Company of Texas. Ten sepia print 16”x11” photographs with blueprints of floor plans. Included properties: 212 West Broadway, 1101 Fairmount, 1331 Hemphill Street, 1431 Lipscomb, 1800 Hemphill Street (Victorian Apartments), 2012 Hemphill Street (Mary Elizabeth Court), 2100 Hemphill Street (Carnes Court), 2260 Hemphill Street, 2270 Hemphill Street, 1808 Eighth Avenue, 3641 Crestline Road, 3645 Crestline Road, (1930s-1940s)
    7 18 1 Red leather album with illustration of winter scene. Inside: notes written to Annie B. Emery from friends, 1887-1893
    7 18 2 Brown leather album with gold illustration. Gift from Annie B. Emery’s teacher, Mrs. Bell. Inside: notes and signatures from friends, 1890
    7 18 3 “University Note,” brown notepad. Belonged to Annie B. Emery. Inside: class schedule and notes, (1890s)
    7 18 4 Brown leather diary, 1900. Belonged to Daisy Emery. Brief entries written almost daily from January 1, 1900 through December 12, 1900
    7 18 5 Brown leather notebook, 1892-1902. Partial attendance for class taught by Dr. Daisy Emery, notes on chemical oil fainting, and expense list. Used as diary January 1, 1903 through September 9, 1902
    7 18 6 Brown leather notebook, “Price List of Standard and Special Medicinal Preparations Manufactured by the Tilden Company.” Includes Tilden Company fluid extract information and prices. Used as a diary by Dr. Daisy Emery, 1897-1899
    7 18 7 “Southwest Texas State Normal School: Summer Session” booklet of photos of college (now Texas State University) and surrounding areas in San Marcos, including a number of homes and buildings, 1907
    7 18 8 “The Girls’ Club Handybook” green leather journal, no entries, 1917
    7 18 9 “Handy Book on Painting,” National Lead Company, 1923
    7 18 10 Tattered notebook used as journal by two people, possibly Dr. Daisy Emery Allen and J.W. Bright. Front of book lists birthdates of family members, undated
    7 19 1 Brown Notebook, “University of Arkansas Bookstore, Fayetteville, Ark.” Annie B. Emery’s notes, hand-drawn diagrams, and plant pressings from a class taught by Professor Buchholz discussing nature, birds, insects, and astronomy, 1920
    7 19 2 Postcard Album. Belonged to Annie Emery Bright, includes many loose postcards.  Many postcards of Texas as well as Wright Brothers Airplanes, undated
    7 19 3 “White’s Progressive Art Studies: Light and Shade” by George G. White, (1883)
    7 19 4 “The Panther” – Central High School Yearbook, 1924
    7 19 5 “Experimental Treatment of Inaccurate Singers in the Intermediate Grades” by Sheila Allen, Master’s Thesis, 1945
    7 19 6 “The Ready Reference Diary,” The Fair, Fort Worth, Texas, partially used, 1951
    7 20 1 Funeral Book, Annie Emery Bright, 1964
    7 20 2 Funeral Book, Sheila Emery Allen, 1992
    7 20 3 The Art-Literature Readers: Book Two by Frances Elizabeth Chutter. Atkinson, Mentzer, and Company, Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas. 1905
    7 20 4 Jubilee Ghosts by Otsie V. Betts. Book of poetry written upon the jubilee of Fort Worth
    7 20 5 Nostalgia: Creative Writing and Literature Department, Poetry and Prose by The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth, Texas. 1979
    7 20 6 Living with the Unexpected by Barry Bailey. Abingdon Press, Nashville. 1984
    7 20 7 Out Where The West Begins: A Collection of Poetry by Fort Worth Authors compiled by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall. The Kaleidograph Press, Dallas. 1949
    7 20 8 A Little Kiss of the Nettle by William Barney, Texas Poet Laureate 1982-1983. Autographed by the author, 1995. Throp Springs Press, Austin. 1982
    7 20 9 Force Without Fanfare: The Autobiography of K.M. Van Zandt by K.M. Van Zandt, edited with introduction by Sandra L. Myres.Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, four copies, 1968
    7 20a 1 Bulletin of North Texas State Teachers College: Graduate School, Abstract of Theses, 1941-1946 (Number 191), Denton, Texas. January, 1948
    7 20a 2 Chemistry II Notebook, Frances Marion Allen, 1929
    7 20a 3 The Captive by Edouard Bourdet, New York: Brentano’s. 1927
    7 20a 4 Seven Gothic Tales by Isak Dinesen, New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas. 1934
    7 20a 5 Roosevelt: A Study in Fortune and Power by Emil Ludwig, New York: Garden City Publishing Company, 1941
    7 20a 6 A Brief History of Bridgton Academy, 1808-1957 by Ernest N. Stevens, 1958
    7 20a 7 12,000 Medical Words Pronounced and Defined by George M. Gould, Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son and Company, 1895.
    7 20a 8 Red Leather Memorandum Book, used by Dr. Daisy Emery Allen while teaching at Dallas Medical School, 1901-1903
    7 20a 9 Leather Address Book
    7 21 1 Black leather Bible
    7 21 2 “Compliments of Harris-Lipsitz Co., Dallas, Texas” red notebook belonging to James W. Bright. Inside are store sales records, 1919
    7 21 3 Framed photograph of Dr. D.E. Allen, two copies, undated
    7 21 4 Framed photograph of young girl in ballet costume and pointe shoes, possibly Frances Allen, undated
    7 21 5 ”Light and Love: Text Book” by Frances Ridley Havergal. Raphael Tuck and Sons, Ltd., undated
    7 21 6 “The Voice of Him that Liveth” book of Easter poems by Cecilia Havergal, The Art Lithographic Publishing Company, New York and London, undated
    7 21 7 Brown leather wallet, “Genuine Warranted Calf” stamped on front, undated
    7 21 8 Black leather billfold, undated
    7 21 9 Button, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, American Public Health Association, 59th Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, October 27-30, 1930
    7 21 10 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, Fourth Annual Congress Pan-American Medical Association, Dallas, Texas, 1933
    7 21 11 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, 69th Annual Session, State Medical Association of Texas, Dallas, May 13-16, 1935
    7 21 12 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, International Post Graduate Medical Assembly of the Fifth and Sixth Districts, San Antonio, Texas, 1936
    7 21 13 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, 73rd Annual Session, State Medical Association of Texas, San Antonio, May 8-11, 1939
    7 21 14 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, 75th Annual Session, State Medical Association of Texas, Fort Worth, May 12-15, 1941
    7 21 15 Ribbon, Dr. Daisy Emery Allen, Seventh Annual Meeting, New Orleans Graduate Medical Assembly, March 15-18, 1943
    7 21 16 Vaseline Pocket Calendar, 1890
    7 21 17 Dr. Daisy Emery Allen cards
    7 21 18 Dr. Daisy Emery Allen engraving plate
    7 21 19 Knit black stockings, possibly belonging to the Sparks family
    7 21 20 Silk Gold Ribbon, previously with Edgar Emery’s Dallas Public School Diploma, 1916
    7 21 21 Passports, Frances Marion Allen, 1948, 1959, 1966
    7 21 22 Passport, Daisy Emery Allen, 1948
    7 21 23 Passport, Annie Emery Bright, 1959
    7 21 24 Passports, Sheila Emery Allen, 1948, 1959
    7 21 25 Postage stamps collected by Sheila Emery Allen
    7 21 26 Metal name plate, J. W. Allen, M.D.
    7 22 1 Plaque, Frances Allen, Tarrant County Historical Commission William E. Jary, Jr. Memorial Award, 1990
    7 22 2 Plaque, Frances and Sheila Allen, Winters Public Library, 1974
    7 22 3 Certification, Frances Allen, American Association of Social Workers, 1953
    7 22 4 Diploma, Frances Allen, Smith College School for Social Work, 1952
    7 22 5 Photograph, Elizabeth and Frances Allen, (1900)
    7 22 6 Photograph, Annie Emery Bright’s Seventh grade students at Colonial Hill Public School, Dallas, (1900s)
    7 22 7 Photograph, unnamed orchestra on a stage of Central High School. Written on back: “Shipp,” (1920s-1940s)
    7 22 8 Photographs, two portraits of two young women. Written on back: “Cathinka Venth, Fort Worth, San Antonio. Anna sent me these photos of Agnes de Mille and Margaret in Fort Worth,” undated
    7 22 9 Texas Heritage: A Publication of the Texas Historical Foundation, Fall 1983
    7 22 10 Needlecraft, Volume VII, Number 11, July 1916
    Map Drawer x x

    Texas Highway Map, Spring Edition, Texas Highway Department, 1940

    Texas: Official Highway Travel Map, Texas Highway Department, 1951

    Texas Guide, Texas Highway Department, (1960s)

    Here’s Fort Worth, Arlington, and the Mid-Cities Map, Earthmore Inc., 1983

    Map Drawer B 2

    Final Plat of Lot 1, Block 1, J. K. Allen Farm given to the city of White Settlement, Texas by Frances and Sheila Allen, five copies

    Diploma, Fort Worth Public Schools, Annie Belle Emery, 1897

    Bookshelves 29 I3 Photocopies of pictures from book How Fort Worth Became the Texasmost City, 1849-1920 by Leonard Sanders and Ron Tyler
    Bookshelves x x

    First Settlers of Tarrant County, Texas, 1841-1859, Volume I, by Weldon I. Hudson, 1983

    Photocopy of History of White Settlement, prepared by Mrs. E.D. Head and students of Brewer High School History Class of 1952 and 1953. Reproduced 1970.

    Photocopy of “The Early Development of White Settlement,” term paper by Linda S. Neill, 1974


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