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    Subdivision and Land Use Regulations

    Guidelines for Development (pdf)

    Subdivision and Land Use Regulations (pdf)

    Tarrant County Standard Plat Notes (pdf)

    Tarrant County Plat Approval Signature Block (pdf) 

    Takings Impact Assessment Waiver (TIA) (pdf)

    Checklist for Final Plat Submission (pdf)

    NOTE: Tarrant County does not have the authority under state law to implement or enforce zoning, so our department does not issue zoning verification letters.  If you need written confirmation that there is no zoning in the unincorporated areas, please refer to the Guidelines for Development letter above.

    The Subdivision and Land Use Regulations document contains the following information:

    • Policy for a takings impact assessment,
    • Platting procedure,
    • Subdivision requirements,
    • Typical sections and construction standards,
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P),
    • Drainage requirements and
    • Construction and Maintenance Bonds.

    All subdivision plats within the unincorporated area or within a city extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) area must include the most current versions of the Tarrant County Standard Plat Notes and the Tarrant County Plat Approval Signature Block. After the city approves any ETJ plat, the four plat copies signed by the city should be delivered to the Transportation Services Department at 100 East Weatherford Road, Suite 401, Fort Worth, Texas 76196.  Before any plat can be presented to the Tarrant County Commissioners Court for approval, a Tax Certificate from the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office and a Takings Impact Assessment (TIA) Waiver Form must be submitted along with the four plat copies. Once approved, the plat must be taken to the County Clerk for recording since electronic filing of County plats is not available at this time.

    Please note that Tarrant County does NOT issue building permits or certificates of occupancies. We encourage all home buyers to obtain an inspection report to ensure state codes and regulations have been met. A permit for a septic system may be required and can be obtained through the Tarrant County Public Health Department at 817-321-4969.

    The Subdivision and Land Use Regulations are administered through various Tarrant County Commissioners Court Orders. Our inspectors enforce the regulations and assist the citizens of Tarrant County by engaging with developers, engineers, contractors, utility companies and various municipalities on a daily basis. A hard copy of these regulations may be obtained by contacting Transportation Services at 817-884-1250. The address for making a written request is 100 E. Weatherford, STE 401, Fort Worth, TX 76196.

    If you need additional information, please contact Mike Galizio, Planning Manager, at 817-884-1653 or email at  



    This page was last modified on February 22, 2021


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