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    IV - D Courts


               Family Law Center           

    Contact Information

    Family Law Center -1st Floor
    200 E. Weatherford
    Fort Worth, Texas 76196

    IV-D Court No. 1         

    Associate Judge Casey Conine   

    Court Coordinator:  Veronica Shiflet - 817-884-2621               

    Bailiff:    Kayla Farris Adams - 817-884-2764

    Court Reporter:    Serena Davis

    Court Leader:  Shannon Stroik - 817-884-1722

    Court Fax:    817-884-3594

    IV-D Court No. 2

    Associate Judge Cherami Jenkins

    Court Coordinator:   Carmen Norwood-Sims - 817-884-3298

    Bailiff:   Steve Salas - 817-884-3299

    Court Reporter:    Serena Davis

    Court Leader:  Shannon Stroik - 817-884-1722

    Court Fax:    817-212-7243

    The Title IV-D Court hears all Title IV-D child support cases within Tarrant County. Title IV-D cases are those cases in which the Texas Attorney General (OAG) or Tarrant County Domestic Relations Office (DRO) has provided services under Part D, Title IV, of the Federal Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. §651 et seq., including services relating to the location of an absent parent, determination of parentage, and/or establishment, modification, or enforcement of a child support or medical support obligation.  

    The child support courts were created in response to the federal requirement that states create expedited administrative or judicial processes to resolve child support cases. The child support court associate judges are appointed by the presiding judges of the administrative judicial regions.

    The child support courts hear and dispose of Title IV-D child support establishment and enforcement cases and paternity cases within the expedited time frames established by Chapter 201.110 of the Texas Family Code.

    The Title IV-D program is funded with federal and state funds.