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    Please print and fill out the appropriate form. You may mail the form or bring it in person to the Justice Court, Precinct 4. Some forms must be sworn to. You may use a notary or sign it in front of one of the Court Clerks who will verify your signature. Visit our Fee Payment Options page to see how payments may be made. Contact the court if you have any questions.

    Forms marked with an asterisk (*) must be in triplicate (three identical copies), otherwise the court will make copies for you for which you will be charged.

    Submit completed form to the court via

     EfileTexas (preferred method)

     Email at; or

     Fax at 817-850-2951



    Bond on Application for Order of Retrieval

    Bond for Possession (Evictions)

    Debt Claim Petition

    Military Affidavit and Certificate

    Occupational License Petition

    Repair and Remedy- Residential Property

    Request for Hearing of Towed/Booted Vehicle

    Small Claims Petition

    Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs

    Sworn Complaint for Eviction

    Texas Eviction Diversion Program Affidavit

    Writ of Reentry- Sworn Complaint (Residential and Commercial)

    Writ of Retrieval (Application)



    Application for Subpoena

    Certificate of Last Known Address

    Certificate of Service

    Electronic Communication Agreement (Email Consent)

    Jury Trial Request Form (Civil)

    Jury Trial Request Form (Eviction)

    Motion for Continuance

    Out of County Service Request

    Plaintiff's Motion for Dismissal

    Plaintiff's Motion for Dismissal (Evictions)

    Request for Abstract of Judgment and/or Writ of Execution

    Trip Log Sheet

    Release of Judgment

    Sworn Complaint for Eviction for Manufactured Home


    Affidavit for Individual Sureties on Appeal Bonds (Eviction)

    Affidavit for Indivdual Sureties on Appeal Bonds (Civil)

    Notice of Appeal- General (Civil)

    Notice of Appeal- General (Eviction)

    Notice of Appeal with Surety Bond (Civil and Eviction)

    Notice of Appeal with Cash Deposit (Civil and Eviction)


    Hearing Request Form

    Zoom to Success

    Landord/Plaintiff Forcible Guideline

    Tenant/Defendant Focible Guideline

    Self-Help Legal Informational Packet (Landlord)

    Self-Help Legal Informational Packet (Tenant)




    Filling out an application form


    Accessibility Notice: Due to the nature of these documents, some are provided as scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact a court clerk at 817-238-4425.

    This page was last modified on August 26, 2021


    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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