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    Co-parent Education

    Help your children adjust to changes in the family structure by reassuring them of your love and the other parent’s love for them. Let them know that both parents will continue to be present in their lives.

    Sad girl with parents arguing behind

    The Best People at Their Worst Time

    We have the best legal system in the world and, in Tarrant County, we have excellent family court judges and attorneys. But in most family law cases, litigation and co-parenting just don't mix.  

    Creating a Win-Win for Your Children

    In a lawsuit, each party is hoping to "win" the case creating a win-lose result. But in civil cases, such as a car wreck case, it is about obtaining money for damages. The parties don't have to stay in a relationship with each other, much less raise children together.

    In family cases, the relationship between the parents doesn't end when the parents are not living together. Pitting parents against each other in court can harm those relationships beyond repair, prolonging the conflict and damaging the children.

    Family Court Services strives to give parents tools to move through the court case in a way that is less damaging to their children. Even when litigation is necessary, parents will still need to have new tools for parenting after the case is over. Our services allow parents to work towards a win-win scenario rather than a win-lose, or lose-lose scenario when it comes to their children.Child drawing of family fighting over a child

    In family law, we are dealing with the most important relationships we have - those with our children.

    From a Child's Voice - Video

    More about How Custody Litigation Affects Your Child

    Co-parenting Help and Education

    6-Year Old Says It All - Video