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    All parents going through the family court system are welcome to attend Family Court Services' Orientation and should take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about what their children need during this time and what to expect from the family law court system.

    Learn About The Court Process

    Most parents have never been through the family court process before and certainly didn't plan to be in court with the other parent when their children were born. The Family Court Services Orientation will familiarize parents involved in a court case with the court process, review Family Court Services resources, explain options for learning to co-parent peacefully and provide information on how to help their children (and themselves) cope with their family crisis.


    Gavel and baby pacifier

    Understand What Your Children Need During this Time

    What most damages children when a family is in crisis is not two households or even change. It has been proven that the most damaging thing a parent can do to their child is to remain in conflict with the other parent. Conflict is not just limited to disagreeing or fighting. Children suffer from internal conflict when they do not feel they cannot have a relationship with both parents.

    Our Orientation explains more about the research on what children need from their parents during and after the court process. Our presenters will outline why it's important to co-parent and give you tools to learn and use good co-parenting skills.


    Peace of Mind post sign

    What You Need to Know about Orientation

    Free of charge/Open to the Public - Orientation is open to the public at no cost and we encourage the lawyers to attend at least once to see what information is presented.

    Required for all FCS clients - Orientation is required for all parties using any services through Family Court Services.

    Every Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. - Orientation is every Wednesday except for the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas, begins at 8:45 a.m. and lasts until approximately 11 a.m.  

    Family Law Center Courthouse - Orientation is held in the Family Law Center Assembly Room 200 E. Weatherford St., 2nd floor, Fort Worth TX 76196. 

    Parking - Parking is scarce, arrive early. There are various meters around the courthouse that take debit/credit/cash; a parking garage across from the Family Law Center Courthouse (cash only) on Calhoun Street; and the Sundance Parking Garage just south of the Family Law Center Courthouse at 201 Commerce Street. Plan to spend at least $10 to park in the Family Law Center Parking Garage or the Sundance Parking Garage.

    Attend on the Same Day - If possible, we like for parents to attend orientation on the same date so they hear the same presentation. Step-parents and significant others are welcome and encouraged to attend orientation.

    No Children - Do not bring children to orientation.

    Parenting Coordination - If all parties and their respective attorneys agree, you may meet with a Parenting Coordinator even if it is not court ordered. We often have parents ask for Parenting Coordination after participating in the Orientation. If you and the other party decide to try Parenting Coordination, just talk with one of our caseworkers or come to our office lobby to discuss how to set up a Parenting Coordination time. We will get in touch with the lawyers and judges as necessary. There is really nothing to lose in working with  a Parenting Coordinator, even if you can't reach agreements.  You will at least get some tools to help make the best of things for your children both during the case and after the case is over. Leave your name and number on the evaluation if you would be open to trying Parenting Coordination - you might be surprised that the other parent is also  willing.