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    William L. Leary Collection

    Summary: Donated accounts of local experiences of World War I and II.
    • Baron Field, Tarrant County, 1917 to 1921, a 24-page spiral binder with photographs assembled by William L. Leary, from the collection of his mother, Alice Collins Leary, who had served as a nurse at Barron Field. Comments accompanying the photographs were written by William L. Leary. Original black and white photographs have been colorized by Mr. Leary, who still holds the original photographs, date of assembling material is 2000.
    • A Baron Field Diary, 20-page spiral binder with transcriptions from a World War I diary kept by Corporal Lee J. Sink, from January 1, 1919, to February 7, 1919. Corporal Sink was stationed at Barron Field, Tarrant County, until discharged from the Army on February 7, 1919. According to information in the diary, his home was St. Augustine, Florida. The diary is in the possession of Oscar Lochridge, but transcribed by Mr. Leary. The photographs that have been added to the diary were photographs from Mr. Leary's collection. The editorial comments are also those of Mr. Leary
    • World War Two was kinda like this. . . by William Leary. "My personal remembrances of army experience during World War Two, written just for my family and friends." Privately published, copyright 1987, 2001.