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    Barney B. Holland Jr. Collection

    Barney B. Holland Jr. holds pictures of his grandfather Barney R. Holland, left, and his father Barney B. Holland.

    Summary: Donor gave items relating to family history as well as maps. Barney R. Holland was president of his own oil company and a member of the First National Bank Board of Directors.


    • Holland Family
      • Engagement and wedding newspaper accounts of Priscilla Bradford and Barney B. Holland
      • Navy submarine experiences of Lt. Barney Holland aboard the USS Kraken, 1944-1945, newspaper account
      • Machine copy photos of Priscilla B. Holland on her honeymoon
      • Three book reviews of Gay as a Grig by Ellen Bowie Holland. Reviews by J. Frank
         Dobie, Claire Eyrich, and John Graves
      • Newspaper accounts of autograph parties honoring Mrs. Ellen Bowie Holland in
        Weatherford, FWS-T, 10-29-1963, by Mary Sears
      • Photograph, machine copy, of Barney B. Holland and 2 others by plane
      • Obituary notices for Barney R. Holland, age 69. May 1958
      • Correspondence between Claude M. Maer Jr. and Barney B. Holland Jr., includes newspaper clipping showing Maer's mother holding a hunting horn
    • William Cameron (Lumber) and Co.
      • Machine copy of A History of Wm Cameron and Company with a Biographical Sketch of Wm Cameron and Others, by R. J. Tolson, published c. March 1925
    • From Dr. Arvel R. Ponton M.D. to David Chappell, July 29, 1988, machine copy
    • Occupancy Map of Retail Business Section, Fort Worth, April 1, 1947. H. H. Morse. Map shows occupants from Belknap Street south to Tenth Street; Lamar Street east to Jones Street. Machine copy of original
    • Tarrant County, Texas. Continental Oil Company, Engineering Dept. Ponca City, Oklahoma. October 1927. T-220. Submitted by W. M. Laynes. Approved by H. A. Miles. Machine copy of original