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    Terrye Guy Collection

    Summary: Terrye Maddox (Mrs. Cal) Guy of Burleson, Texas, gave the following photographs from her family collection. The persons in most of the photographs are unidentified. Terrye Maddox (April 17, 1921 - June 26, 1994) married Dr. Robert Calvin Guy in Fort Worth on September 10, 1942. Dr. Guy received his B.A. from Union University and his Master and Doctorate of Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he served 36 years on the faculty.


    1. A group of men under a tree, photographed by C.L. Swartz
    2. The Martin Casey building in Fort Worth, Texas
    3. A group of men indoors, photographed by C.L. Swartz
    4. A group of men with hounds
    5. A group of men, photographed by Brittingham and Sawyer
    6. A horse and buggy in front of the Alta Vista Creamery Co., "Jack Burke and his team. 'Memory Lane'" is written on the back.  Clues from what is written on the back of the photograph seem to indicate that it ran in a newspaper in a section entitled, "Memory Lane" (image shown)
    7. Horse and buggy in front of house with two men and a woman on the porch
    8. Winner of the first prize in the "Elks Parade" in Fort Worth on May 9, 1905, one man standing with two men and one woman in the buggy, photographed by Leffler
    9. Same inscription as the previous photograph, two men are in the buggy, photographed by Leffler
    10. A grave with flowers, photographed by C.L. Swartz
    11. Casey tombstone with flowers, photographed by Leffler
    12. Family portrait, from a later time period than the rest of the photographs
    13. Group on a porch
    14. Family Christmas tree with unwrapped gifts below and surrounding the tree including a portrait of a woman, a bust sculpture and dolls in doll chairs

    Jack Burke and his team of horses.

    Above: Jack Burke and his team of horses.