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    Hand holding a laboratory vial

    Tarrant County Public Health North Texas Regional Laboratory has two types of drinking water tests available:


    Water Bacteriology Testing for Total Coliform/E.coli

    Testing for total coliform and E. coli organisms in drinking water is required by the EPA for all public water systems on an ongoing basis and annual testing is recommended for private individuals with their own water well systems. Water suitable for human consumption must be free of these organisms to be considered safe to drink. In Texas, public drinking water systems are overseen and regulated by the EPA through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Tarrant County Public Health North Texas Regional Laboratory (NTRL) is a TCEQ accredited laboratory certified to test drinking water for total coliform and E. coli bacteria. The NTRL offers total coliform/E. coli testing to public water systems for ongoing regulatory compliance and to private individuals to assess the quality of their drinking water. 


    Water Chemistry Testing

    The chemical components of water fall into two categories; those affecting health and those that create aesthetic or practical problems. The TCPH North Texas Regional Laboratory offers 5 different chemical tests. The water chemistry testing offered at TCPH NTRL is for screening purposes only; the lab is not TCEQ accredited for water chemistry. This testing is intended for private individuals; not for public drinking water regulatory compliance or legal documentation. When any results exceed EPA standards, customers are urged to have the screening results confirmed by a certified laboratory using the appropriate EPA recommended methods.


    TCEQ’s website maintains a continuously updated list of currently accredited chemistry laboratories and the methods they use.