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    Map of Downtown Campus

    Downtown Campus

    Criminal Courts Building

    300 W. Belknap Street

    Sheriff's Department

    Community Supervision and Corrections


    Criminal Justice Building

    200 W. Belknap Street

    Community Supervision and Corrections

    Criminal District Attorney


    AED sticker Main Entrance/Lobby Area

    Criminal Courts

    Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building

    100 N. Calhoun Street

    Courts (17th District Court, 48th District Court, 67th District Court, 96th District Court, 141st District Court, 153rd District Court, 236th District Court, 342nd District Court, 348th District Court, 352nd District Court)


    Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building

    1895 Courthouse

    100 W. Weatherford Street

    County Clerk

    Courts (County Court At Law No.1, County Court At Law No.2, County Court At Law No.3, Probate Court No.1, Probate Court No.2)

    Law Library

    Facilities Management Department


    AED Sticker Main Entrance/Lobby Area
    Basement Hall by Handicap Entrance



    1895 Courthouse

    Family Law Center

    200 E. Weatherford Street

    Domestic Relations Office

    Family Court Services

    District Clerk Offices (for Family Courts)

    Criminal District Attorney PO/MH

    Family Courts (322nd District Court, 324th District Court, 360th District Court, 231st District Court, 231st District Court, 233rd District Court, 325th District Court)

    AG IV-D Courts No. 1 and No. 2



    Family Law Center

    Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center

    401 W. Belknap

    District Clerk

    Criminal District Attorney

    Courts (213rd District Court, 297th District Court, 371st District Court, 372nd District Court, County Criminal Court No.1, County Criminal Court No.2, County Criminal Court No.3, County Criminal Court No.4, County Criminal Court No.5, County Criminal Court No.6, County Criminal Court No.7, County Criminal Court No.8, County Criminal Court No.9, County Criminal Court No.10, Criminal District Court No.1, Criminal District Court No.2, Criminal District Court No.3, Criminal District Court No.4, Magistrates Court, Trial Room C)


    AED Sticker Main Plaza Lobby Area
    5th and 8th Floor Halls



    Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center

    Corrections Center

    100 N. Lamar Street

    Sheriff's Department
    Pre-Trial Services

    AED Sticker

    Main Entrance/Lobby Area
    12 Units in Secure Jail Areas


    Corrections Center