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    Stakeholder Engagement

    A partnership with the community is essential as we seek to better understand the health care needs of the County and plan the Tarrant County health care delivery system of the future. We plan to conduct four community forums, two focus groups and dozens of stakeholder interviews with a wide variety of individuals invested in the health care delivery system in Tarrant County.

    Health Management Associates (HMA) is the vendor engaged by the County to conduct “Long-Range Planning for JPS Health Network.” HMA will draw on themes from the stakeholder engagement as they develop recommendations for the Tarrant County Hospital District.  HMA will include a summary of these themes on this website and in their final report.  



    Moderated by G. K. Maenius, County Administrator, HMA will conduct community forums -- “listening sessions” -- to gain input from the general public, including JPS Network users, on health care needs and future direction of the healthcare delivery system in Tarrant County. We will:

    • Introduce the initiative “Long-Range Planning for JPS Health Network” and share early findings;
    • Obtain and document community input related to:
      • Tarrant County health, healthcare, and related needs; and
      • the current and future role of the JPS Health Network in the broader delivery system.
    • Inform the public of this website where they can obtain further information on the initiative, track progress and deliverables, and ask questions.


    Four Community Forums have been scheduled throughout the county for the convenience of interested residents. All forums will begin at 6 p.m.

    Wednesday, November 9
    Resource Connection
    2300 Circle Drive
    Fort Worth, TX, 76119

    Click here for video of Community Forum No. 1, November 9, 2016 

    Thursday, December 1
    Arlington Subcourthouse
    700 E. Abram St.
    Arlington, TX, 76010

    Click here for a video of Community Forum No. 2, December 1, 2016

    Community Forum

    Wednesday, December 7
    Lake Worth Activity Center
    7005 Charbonneau Road
    Lake Worth, TX, 76135

    Click here for a video of Community Forum No. 3, December 7,2016

    Tuesday, January 10
    Northeast Courthouse
    645 Grapevine Highway
    Hurst, TX, 76054

    Click here for a video of Community Forum No. 4, January 10,2017


    Facilitated by HMA, the County will conduct two focus groups – small group discussions. These will address health care service access in the JPS Health Network, and current and future health care service needs in the county. Focus group participants will include JPS Health Network users and health care advocates from the community.  

    We will recruit participants and conduct focus groups in November 2016.  We will transcribe and analyze the focus group discussions, identify themes as well as individual input. HMA will prepare a report summary for each focus group and an aggregate report of themes across the two focus groups.



    With input from the County and the JPS Health Network, HMA developed a list of dozens of individuals and organizational representatives that have particular insight and investment in the health care delivery system in Tarrant County.


    These include the county commissioners and selected county staff, JPS Network board members and selected JPS staff; other elected officials; community health centers, including community behavioral health centers; selected hospital systems, including behavioral health hospitals; nursing homes; health professions training programs; relevant community organizations, coalitions and associations; business and civic organizations; law enforcement; and health foundations. Particular emphasis is placed on individuals representing underserved populations.


    HMA will conduct a combination of face-to-face and telephone interviews with these individuals to obtain input into the future direction of the health care delivery system in Tarrant County.