Voting by Mail

If you are active duty Uniformed Service members, spouse or dependent of Uniformed Service Members or a U.S. citizen residing outside the United States view voting by mail information for Military and Overseas Voting Information.


Tarrant County registered voters are eligible to request and receive a ballot by mail if any of the following conditions prevents them from voting in-person during the early voting period or on Election Day:

  1. 65 years of age or older
  2. Disability -- “I affirm that I have a sickness or physical condition that prevents me from appearing at the polling place on Election Day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or injuring my health.”
  3. Expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day
  4. Expected absence from the County during both the early voting period and on Election Day. (The ballot must be mailed to an address outside the County.)
  5. Confined in Jail (not finally convicted of a felony) or Involuntary Commitment (You may only apply for a ballot for one election and any resulting runoff)

Applicants may use the official application form ((* in English), ( * in Spanish), ( * in Vietnamese)),  or may send an informal application that includes the following:

  • Name
  • Address at which you are registered to vote
  • One of the above conditions for requesting a ballot
  • Your Texas Driver’s License, Texas Personal Identification Certificate Number or Election Certificate Number issued by the Department of Public Safety (Not your voter registration VUID#), or the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, or a statement that you have not been issued a Texas Driver’s License/Personal Identification Number/Texas Election Identification Certificate or Social Security Number matching your voter registration record
  • The address to which you want the ballot mailed
  • Your party preference (in primary elections)
  • Your signature
  • If the ballot is not to be mailed outside the County and not to the address at which you are registered, you must give an explanation as to the address such as nursing home, hospital, etc.

Tarrant County recommends that if you do not know whether a Texas Driver’s License/ID number or last 4 digits of your Social Security number is on your voter registration record, put both numbers on your application for ballot by mail.

* Newer versions of web browsers will require the use "Adobe Reader" to properly use this form (application form) above.   Free download of Adobe ReaderTarrant County is not responsible for applications downloaded to your computer.  Please contact your technical support for assistance.  Tarrant County does not provide technical support.

Applications for a ballot by mail may be submitted throughout the calendar year, beginning January 1 and must be received by our office no later than the close of business on the eleventh day before Election Day.  If the eleventh day before Election Day falls on a weekend, the deadline is the close of business on the first preceding business day. All voted ballots that are returned on or before Election Day will be counted. Voted ballots received on the next business day after Election Day will also be counted if they have been postmarked by Election Day. Voted ballots mailed from U.S. citizens residing outside the United States may be counted if clearly postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the Elections Administrator not later than the fifth day after Election Day.

Completed applications may be submitted by mail, contract or common carrier, hand delivery by the voter, or you may submit by fax or email a completed, signed with the voter’s original signature and scanned application to the Early Voting Clerk.  Under Senate Bill 5, it is now required for an applicant submitting an application for ballot by mail via fax or e-mail to also submit an application for ballot by mail via mail.  In order for a faxed or email application for ballot by mail to be effective, the accompanying mailed application for ballot by mail must be received within four business days of the submission of the application by fax or email.


Mailing Address: Tarrant County Elections
PO Box 961011
Fort Worth, Texas 76161-0011

Express Courier Delivery: Tarrant County Elections
2700 Premier St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76111-3011

Fax: 817-850-2344



Find out about what you need to know about Assisting by Mail Voters

Where is my mail-in ballot?

Video for how to use the Tarrant County Voter Lookup system to check the status of my mail-in ballot request.

Video acerca de cómo utilizar el sistema de Búsqueda de Electores para consultar el estado de su boleta por correo.

Video về cách sử dụng hệ thống Tra Cứu Cử Tri Quận Tarrant để kiểm tra tình trạng về yêu cầu lá phiếu qua đường bưu điện của tôi.

Need to Track a Ballot by Mail?

Access the Ballot Tracker

¿Necesita rastrear una boleta por correo?

Acceda a Ballot Tracker

Cần Theo Dõi  Phiếu Bầu Qua Thư?

Truy cập theo dõi Phiếu Bầu

How Do I Return My Marked Ballot to the Early Voting Clerk?

1.    By Mail through the United States Postal Service; OR

2.    By Common or Contract Carrier; OR

3.     Hand Delivered, in-person by the Voter to the Early Voting Clerk’s office. 

¿Cómo Devuelvo Mi Boleta Marcada al Secretario de Votación Adelantada?

1.    Por correo a través del Servicio Postal de los Estados Unidos; O

2.    Por medio de un transportista común o contratado; O

3.     En persona por el votante a la oficina del secretario de votación adelantada.


Làm thế nào để tôi trả lại lá phiếu đã đánh dấu của tôi cho thư ký bỏ phiếu sớm?

1.    Bằng thư thông qua dịch vụ bưu chính Hoa Kỳ; Hoặc

2.   Bởi hãng vận chuyển thông thường hoặc hợp đồng; Hoặc

3.  Được giao tay, trực tiếp bởi cử tri đến văn phòng thư ký phụ trách bỏ phiếu sớm.

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