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    Deferred Prosecution Program (DPP)


    The Deferred Prosecution Program (DPP) is a limited supervision program designed to give the young person in trouble for the first time the chance to rehabilitate himself or herself without the stigma of a criminal conviction.

    DPP is available to offenders, aged 17 to 24 at the time of the offense, who have not been previously convicted or supervised for a Class B offense or above, and are willing and able to rehabilitate themselves.




    • Over 24 years old at time of offense
    • Previous juvenile adjudication
    • Member of mental health priority population
    • Positive drug screen with application
    • Previous conviction or supervision for Class B offenses and above
    • Previous participation in DPP


    • Multiple offenses not occurring out of same criminal episode
    • Offense committed after first arrest or while on bond
    • Injuring or placing anyone in danger during course of offense
    • Gang related offense



    For more information about DPP, contact:

    Deferred Prosecution Program

    Office of the Criminal District Attorney

    401 W. Belknap


    Fort Worth, TX  76196


    Fax:  817.850.2340