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    Office of Attorney Appointments

    Instructions to Request a Court-Appointed Lawyer
    Instructions to Request a Court-Appointed Lawyer (Spanish)

    The Texas Fair Defense Act of 2001 requires formal and fair procedures for appointing lawyers to indigent defendants. The Tarrant County Office of Attorney Appointments assists the criminal judges in implementing and maintaining Tarrant County's indigent defense plan. This plan is filed with the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, and can be found by clicking one of the following links:

    This office, comprised of the Criminal Court Support Manager, Coordinators of Attorney Appointments and Financial Information Officers, is responsible for receiving, reviewing and maintaining records for attorneys approved for public appointment for indigent defendants.

    For more information, contact:

    Tel: 817-884-2369
    Fax: 817-884-2371

    401 W. Belknap
    5th Floor, Room 5043
    Fort Worth, Texas 76196

    Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCCDLA)

    TCCDLA is a non-profit association of attorneys who practice criminal defense law in Tarrant County, Texas. The focus of TCCDLA is the protection of individual rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of both Texas and the United States.