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    Criminal Courts Administration

    The Tarrant County Criminal Courts Administrator, appointed by the county and district criminal court judges, provides managerial support in the implementation of directives and orders handed down by these judges. Further, the Administrator serves as the Chief of Staff for several judicial support departments, including: the Office of Attorney Appointments, Grand Jury Bailiffs, First Offender Drug Program, the Mental Health Diversion Court, Veterans Court and the felony level Auxiliary Court Coordinators.  The Administrator enables criminal judges to focus their attention on docket management and overall court efficiency.


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    For more information, contact:

    1. For all questions related to felony records contact the Tarrant County District Clerk's office at 817-884-1342 or 817-884-1343. Click here to find the District Clerk's Office web page.
    2. For all questions related to misdemeanor records contact the Tarrant County County Clerk's Office at 817-884-1195. Click here to find the County Clerk's web page.
    3. If you want Information about when a current case is set, click here for the criminal courts electronic docket.
    4. If you need to talk to a court coordinator about a current criminal case, click here to find the correct court's coordinator contact information.
    5. For news media inquiries concerning the Tarrant County criminal courts, please call 817-884-2797.
    6. All other inquiries for the Tarrant County criminal courts, contact

    J. Gregory Shugart
    Criminal Courts Administrator
    Telephone: 817-884-2797
    Fax: 817-884-2796

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the preceding documents, some of these documents are scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact the Criminal Courts Administrator's office at 817-884-2797.