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    Weather and Environment

    Air Quality     |     Our Environment     |     Water     |     Weather


    Air Quality

    Air Quality & Ozone Information
    The ozone that develops at ground level is created by a chemical reaction between emissions and weather conditions. The emissions contain volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides that are combined with sunlight to produce the ozone. The combined emissions "bake" in sunlight 4-6 hours before converting to ozone gas. Ground level ozone is the primary component of urban smog.

    Air Quality Index
    For the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ozone levels have been mapped to colors based on a projected eight-hour average calculated from the measured one-hour levels.

    Ozone & Your Health
    High concentrations of ground-level ozone can cause shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and pain with deep breaths. People who suffer from lung diseases like emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and colds can have even more trouble breathing when the air is polluted. These effects can be worse in anyone who spends significant periods of time exercising or working outdoors on high-ozone days.


    Air Quality     |     Our Environment     |     Water     |     Weather


    Our Environment

    Recycling Program
    The Tarrant County Records Destruction and Recycling Program (RDRP) was established in August 1993 by the County Clerk's Office as a means of providing environmentally responsible destruction and recycling of old County records.

    Texas SmartScape
    For home gardeners, that means that there is some very good information available to guide you in planting and landscaping around your home--and it's called the Texas SmartScape.


    Air Quality     |     Our Environment     |     Water     |     Weather



    Drinking Water Information & Testing
    We accept samples on Monday thru Thursday. Samples should be received in the laboratory no later than 4 p.m.. For an additional $10 weekend service charge, we will accept samples on Friday before 4 p.m.

    Septic System Inspections/Permitting
    Most homes in Texas are connected to a public sewage treatment system. However, many thousands of families live in rural and sparsely developed suburban areas not served by a public system.

    Stormwater Pollution Prevention
    This is a program that requires counties and cities in Texas, as well as the rest of the nation, to take steps that maintain or improve water quality in local bodies of water that receive storm water runoff.

    Swimming Pool Inspections
    Tarrant County Public Health has contracts with several cities to inspect public and semi-public swimming pools.

    Water Chemistry
    Many minerals and contaminants in water may be harmful to health, especially if the exposure occurs over long periods of time. Substances creating a health risk may be bacterial or chemical in nature. 


    Air Quality     |     Our Environment     |     Water     |     Weather



    Severe Weather
    The key, say the experts, is being pro-active; being informed about how your community handles emergencies, planning and practicing family evacuation drills, and accessing the information necessary to make educated decisions rather than frantic guesses about how to safeguard your family and home. According to meteorological experts, the best ally you can have in a severe weather situation is accurate, timely information. Rocky Lopes of the American Red Cross, states that "Preparing now will enable you and your family to cope more easily and help you begin your recovery more quickly."

    Fort Worth Weather WebCams
    Webcam view is from's headquarters in far north Fort Worth. Two views are available.

    This page was last modified on November 03, 2015


    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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