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    Data briefs are statistical summaries used to raise awareness around public health topics.

    Tarrant County Public Health offers these data to spur and support efforts on behalf of individuals, agencies and organizations that are affected by and/or are working to address these issues.

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    Heart Health

    One out of four Tarrant County adults has been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

    Heart Health - Full brief

    Data Brief - Heart Health in Tarrant County

    Human Trafficking

    In 2020, 300 patients were identified as possible human trafficking victims at JPS in Tarrant County.

    Human Trafficking - Full brief

    Data Brief - Human Trafficking

    Infant Mortality

    In 2016, the infant mortality rate among non-Hispanic blacks was the lowest in Tarrant County history (9.3 infant deaths per 1,000 live births).

    Infant Mortality - Full brief

    Data Brief - Infant Mortality in Tarrant County

    Injury Mortality

    From 2015-2017, males in Tarrant County had significantly higher rates of unintentional injury mortality, suicides, and homicides compared to females.

    Injury Mortality - Full brief

    Data Brief - Injury Mortality in Tarrant County

    Intimate Partner Violence

    1 in 3 women in Tarrant County will be affected by IPV at some point in her life.

    Intimate Partner Violence - Full brief

    Data Brief0 - Intimate Partner Violence in Tarrant County

    Live Births

    In 2019, the live birth rate in Tarrant County was higher than the United States.

    Live Births - Full brief

    Data Brief - Live Births in Tarrant County

    Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Tarrant County.

    Lung Cancer - Full brief

    Data Brief - Lung Cancer in Tarrant County

    Maternal Obesity and Diabetes

    Obese mothers had significantly higher rates of diabetes, preeclampsia, cesarean deliveries, preterm births, and infant mortality compared to healthy weight mothers.

    Maternal Obesity and Diabetes - Full brief

    Data Brief - Maternal Obesity and Diabetes in Tarrant County

    Men's Health

    A special Data Brief in observance of Men's Health Month.

    Men's Health - Full brief

    Data Brief - Men's Health in Tarrant County

    Mental Health

    1 out of 5 Tarrant County adults reported their mental health was not good for five or more days during the previous 30 days.

    Mental Health - Full brief

    Data Brief - Mental Health in Tarrant County

    Motor Vehicle Collisions

    There was a significant decrease in deaths due to motor vehicle collisions in Tarrant County from 2000 to 2017.

    Motor Vehicle Collisions - Full brief

    Data Brief - Motor Vehicle Collisions in Tarrant County
    This page was last modified on July 30, 2021


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