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    Campaign Treasurer Appointments

    Treasurer appointments are listed for public access online .

    Search items by entering keyword(s) in the search field. The table will filter the results as you type. Click the header of a column to alphabetically sort the items. Click again to reverse the order of the sort.

    Last Name First Name
    Alfaro Richard
    Allen Brooke
    Allen Devan
    Anderson Olliephine (Ollie)
    Annis Keith
    Armstrong Barbara
    Ball Wes
    Beach Elizabeth
    Belmontes Macario
    Brandt William Paul (Bill)
    Bickley Craig
    Brinlee Roger
    Brooks Gene
    Brooks Roy Charles
    Bucy Glen
    Burgess Wendy
    Campbell Michael R.
    Candia Pilar
    Carter Virginia Anne
    Charbonnet Jason M
    Chisholm Daniel (Dan)
    Clark Harry D. (Dale)
    Cole Casey
    Colliver Edward (Ed)
    Cole Patricia B.
    Cook David
    Corbin Charles Thomas (Tom)
    Crowder Jerry
    Curnutt Mary Tom
    Darlow Daniel
    Deegan Michael
    DeLaPaz David
    DeLeon Sergio L.
    Derewitz John
    Deville Charity
    Fickes Grover G. (Gary)
    Flores Daniel
    Fox Christina M.
    Garcia Chris
    Garcia Juan Daniel (Danny)
    Garcia Mary Louise
    Garcia Roberto
    Garcia Ruben
    Garris John M.
    Gill Atticus
    Gill Robert K. (Bob)
    Gloria Ernesto
    Goodman Catherine
    Goodwin Esther
    Gregory Christopher
    Hall Deborah
    Hall Jennifer
    Hamilton Melinda
    Hardy Michael
    Hase Don T.
    Hassan Syed
    Hathorn Tom
    Hayes Clifford M. (Matt)
    Henderson David C.
    Hill Sherry L.
    Hotchkin Tim
    Huffman Darrell W.
    Johnson J.D.
    Johnson Joe D. (Jody)
    Johnson Mamie B.
    Justice Tracey
    Kelley H. Suzanne
    Kim Alexander
    Lapham John (Jay)
    Lee Sandra D.
    Lerma Steve
    Lopez Lenny
    Lothamer Lucas
    Lowthorp Kathy
    Lozano Roy
    Lyons Kelicia
    Lyons Norman
    Mackey George B.
    Masimini Dulani (Jamal)
    Masters Roosevelt
    McBride Cortney
    McCaffity Jason
    McCoy John R. (Bob)
    McGinty Robert
    McKenzie Thomas
    Metcalf Roger
    Meyers Lawrence
    Middlebrook Don A., Sr.
    Miller Malinda
    Mitchell Monte
    Nash Barbara
    Nettles Chris
    Nguyen Andy
    Nolen William S. (Shane)
    Ortega Mark
    Palomino Frank
    Parker Karroll
    Phillips Vickie L.
    Ponder Christopher
    Porter Frieda
    Reed Leon Jr.
    Richards David
    Ritchie Gary R.
    Roberts Albert
    Robertson Cobern
    Roux Kathy
    Salone Chris
    Sanders Kenneth D.
    Scripter Elizabeth
    Siegel Jon H.
    Smith Douglas
    Snyder Arlis (Mike)
    Sparks Johnnie
    Stanford Kenneth
    Stefanos Louis
    Stevens Joyce
    Sullivan Mark
    Tarwater Lynda
    Thompson John
    Thorn Derek
    Thornton Anthony (Steve)
    Toodle Cynthia D.
    Turner Randall (Randy)
    Valdez Michael (Mikey)
    Vanover Charles (Chuck)
    Walker Brian
    Walker Carey
    Watson-Lawrence Tina
    Waybourn Bill E.
    Webb Dustin
    Welch Bob
    White John P. Jr.
    Wilder Thomas A. (Tom)
    Williams Allen
    Williby Raymond
    Wilshire Larry
    Wilson James R.
    Wilson Sharen
    Wilson Stephanie Lorain
    Woodruff John David
    Wright Ron
    Young Leo Everett Jr.

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the nature of these documents, they are provided as scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact Elections Department at 817-831-8683.

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