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 How can the Tarrant County Veteran Services Office
help me?
 What types of benefits are available from the VA
for veterans?
 I'm a veteran living in Texas. Does Texas have state benefits for veterans?
 I'm a surviving spouse or dependent child of a deceased Texas veteran. Does Texas have state benefits for me?
 Are there any VA benefits for survivors/dependents of deceased veterans?
 I need a copy of my DD 214/Military Discharge. How can I get a copy?
 Are there any VA medical facilities in the North Texas area and where are they located?
 How do I enroll in the VA Medical System?
 How can I get transportation from the VA clinic in Fort Worth to the VA hospital in Dallas?
 Where do I go or who do I contact for a retired military ID card or a card for my spouse/dependent children?
 I think my current disability/illness was caused by the military and want to file a claim for service connected disability benefits. What should I do?
 I think my current service connected condition has gotten worse. Can I submit a request for an increase?
 The VA has denied my claim. Can I disagree with their decision? Can I file an appeal? Where can I get help with these issues?
 As an honorably discharged veteran, I know that I am eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery. Is there one in the North Texas area and can I reserve a spot?
 I need a copy of my VA medical records. How can I get a copy?
 Who is eligible for Non-Service Connected (NSC) pension?
 Who is eligible for Death Pension or "Widow's" Pension?
 Is there a listing of all the things I need to file a claim with the VA?
 I'm a veteran and have a disability rating or a surviving spouse of a deceased veteran with a 100% disability rating. I need a letter from VA for property tax exemption and other purposes. Who do I call for one?
 Can I get a copy of my VA claim file that includes everything I ever sent the VA and everything the VA ever sent me concerning any claim Iíve submitted?
 I'm concerned about my VA Education Benefits and have questions. Who do I call?
 I want to apply for a VA Home Loan and need a Certificate of Eligibility. What should I do?
 I'm a veteran and need help finding a job. Can your office assist me in finding a job?
 Are there any State Homes for Veterans in Texas?
 Are there any State Veteran Cemeteries for veterans, spouses, & dependents in Texas?
 Can your office provide legal advice/representation in VA or civil matters?
 I'm a retired, VA disability rated veteran. How can I find out more about the Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) program?
 I'm a retired, VA disability rated veteran. How can I find out more about the Concurrent Retirement & Disability Pay (CRDP) program?
 I am a service-connected, disabled veteran that uses a prosthetic or orthopedic appliance, am I eligible for a clothing allowance from the VA?
 Who do I call to report the death of a retired military member?
 Who do I call to request a Color and Honor Guard perform at my veteran spouse's burial?
 I'm a 50% or more service-connected veteran. How do I go about getting disabled veterans license plates?
 I did not receive an honorable discharge when I got out of the service. Can I get my discharge upgraded?
 How do I find out what the separation code on my DD Form 214, military discharge document means?
 My DD Form 214, Military Discharge document is wrong. How do I go about getting it corrected?
 I received disability severance pay when I separated and paid taxes. Is there a way I can recoup payment of those taxes?
 How can I find out about upcoming veterans events, job fairs, career expos, etc., in Texas?
 As a military retiree, where can I find out about benefits/entitlements for my survivors?
 I'm trying to locate a military friend from my days in the military. Who do I contact?
 I have a family member who is still Missing in Action. Who do I contact for further information?
 I'm a veteran and my health is very bad and can't leave home without assistance. Does the VA allow any extra money for pension for veterans who need help?
 1. VA Service Connected Disability Compensation
 2. Non-Service Connected Pension (NSCP)
  Sometimes called Aid & Attendance
 3. VA Healthcare Benefits
 4. VA Education Benefits
 5. VA Home Loan Guarantee
 6. VA Life Insurance Programs
 7. VA Burial Benefits
 Ancilliary Benefits for Veterans
 Veterans Benefits from the State of Texas
 VA service connected
& death (widow's) pension benefits
  Includes Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and Death Pension or "Widows Pension" (sometimes referred to as Aid & Attendance).
 VA Burial & Associated Benefits for Survivors/Dependents
 VA Education Benefits for Survivors & Dependents
 VA Home Loan Benefits
 VA Medical Care/Treatment for Survivors/Dependents
 VA Life Insurance Benefits
& Other Services for Survivors and Dependents
 Ancillary Benefits for Survivors/Dependents
 State of Texas Benefit Programs for Veterans & Survivors


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