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Livestock Estray Enforcement Program

An “estray”, or stray animal, is defined as any valuable animal, not wild, found wandering from its owner.

To report a livestock estray contact the Sheriff's Office at (817) 884-1212.

Reporting an Estray:  If an estray roams about the property of a person without that person's permission, or roams about public property, the owner of the private property or the custodian of the public property, as applicable, shall, as soon as reasonably possible, report the presence of the estray to the sheriff of the county in which the estray is discovered.

Sheriff – Private Property:  After receiving a report the sheriff or the sheriff's designee shall notify the owner, if known, that the estray's location has been reported. If the owner of the estray does not redeem the estray within a reasonable time after notification, the sheriff or the sheriff's designee shall, at the request of the property owner, proceed immediately with the impoundment process. During that period, the owner or occupant of the property may not use the estray for any purpose.

Sheriff – Public Property:  After receiving a report that an estray has been discovered on public property, the sheriff or the sheriff's designee shall notify the owner, if known, that the estray's location has been reported, except that if the sheriff or his designee determines that the estray is dangerous to the public, he may immediately impound the estray without notifying the owner. If the owner does not immediately remove the estray, the sheriff or the sheriff's designee shall proceed with the impoundment.

If the Livestock Estray Enforcement Unit is called to the scene of loose or injured livestock, the livestock owner is responsible for any fees associated with their actions. Livestock that is impounded is held for the payment of fees and ultimately sold at auction if not claimed.  Leep deputies do not accept payment of fees. 

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