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Confinement Bureau

{Chief Bob Knowles}
Executive Chief Deputy Bob Knowles

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards sets rules and procedures, establishes minimum standards for the construction, maintenance, and operation of county jails. The Tarrant County Confinement Bureau has passed this certification every year since 1995.
In October 2012, Tarrant County received certification on the Lon Evans Correction Center, a 207,700 sq. ft., 5 story maximum security facility.  This facility is classified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leader in Energy Environment Design (LEED) as a gold certified facility.  A gold certification, the USGBC’s second highest certification, was awarded for the efficient use of energy, water and material.
The Confinement Bureau is staffed with approximately 1000 men and women certified as detention officers or peace officers (sheriff's deputies) by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education  (TCLEOSE).
The Tarrant County Jail has a capacity of approximately 5,000 prisoners and is comprised of 5 facilities:
• Lon Evans Corrections Center – 600 W. Weatherford
This facility is a maximum security, indirect inmate supervision facility. The building consists of 5 inmate housing floors, 1 floor consisting of 63 female beds and 3 floors with 285 male beds; there is 1 medical floor that has of 96 beds.  Total beds = 444
• Belknap Unit - 350 W. Belknap
This is a maximum/medium security, indirect inmate supervision facility.  It has 3 floors total; 2 floors consisting of 155 male beds each and 1 floor dedicated to 155 female inmates.
Total beds = 465

• Green Bay Unit - 2500 Urban Dr.
This is a medium security, direct supervision facility.  It is a single story, dormitory style design that consists of 1596 male only beds.

• Correction Center - 100 N. Lamar
This is a medium/minimum security, direct supervision facility.  It consist of 6 floors that houses 1728 male inmates and 1 floor that houses 288 female inmates.  There are 2 floors that house 96 special management inmates. Total beds = 2112.

• Cold Springs Unit - 1815 Cold Springs Road
This facility is a minimum security, indirect inmate facility that houses Work Release, Weekenders and Low Risk inmates.  It has 1 floor with 192 female beds and 1 floor of 192 male beds. Total beds = 384.

The Tarrant County Jail Industries is located inside the Tarrant County Corrections Center. This unit is supervised by 1 officer and consists of 15-18 female volunteer inmate trustees who would like to learn a profession in the sewing industry.  This unit produces items such as inmate mattresses, mattress covers, and inmate clothing.  They also make bedding for inmates classified as needing special precautions.  The unit also produces specialized clothing and leather goods for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department.  Besides saving taxpayers money by manufacturing items in-house, the unit is able to turn repaired uniforms and bedding items around quicker and more efficiently than out sourcing the items. 
The Confinement Bureau offers inmates the opportunities to improve their education while in custody.  Courses offered are General Educational Development (G.E.D.) and English as a Second Language.  All facilities provide a full spectrum of inmate counseling services, medical and psychological services.
In May 2012 the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office implemented the TCJIRP -Tarrant County Jail Inmate Re-Entry Project. This project provides County inmates with training, mentoring and skills needed to assist them once they are released from jail.  This training may make it possible so the inmate can return to society and succeed without entering back into criminal behavior.  While in jail the inmates have classes available to them such as GED, life skills, resume tips and job interviewing techniques.  Each inmate in the program is assigned a mentor who will visit with them while in jail and continue to work with them once out of jail. 
TCSO partnered with the Cornerstone Assistance Network, who is committed to assisting the inmates upon release from jail.  Cornerstone Assistance Network provides transportation to their facility when the inmate is released from jail.  At this facility they are provided with certain essential items such as food, hygiene products and clothing.  If they qualify for additional assistance, they can be assisted with housing, a cell phone and government grant funded job training. 
Inmates have access to the Law Library, to prepare their own legal documents, and the Recreational Library.
The Confinement Bureau books in approximately 35,000 inmates a year. All inmates are centrally received at the Corrections Center where they are booked, photographed and enrolled by their iris. After the inmates are booked they are classified into one of several categories.  This classification is based on their individual background and as a result of this we attempt to place them with other similarly classified inmates. Once processed into the jail system, they are housed in one of the five facilities. Inmates are released only from the Corrections Center.
The Confinement Bureau serves approximately 10,250 hot meals per day. The kitchen is located in the Lon Evans Corrections Center and has approximately 14,000 sq. ft., preparing food for all 5 jail facilities.  A registered dietician makes up each day's menu to ensure inmates receive a proper diet. Special meals are prepared for inmates with medical, dietary or religious requirements. 
Approximately 600 inmates are transferred to various courts each Monday through Friday.
If after you have reviewed the web site and still have questions, please feel free to contact us at (817) 884-3116 or (817) 884-3117.
Bob Knowles
Executive Chief Deputy Confinement

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