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Release Information

Pretrial Release

What is Pretrial Release?

The Tarrant County Pretrial Release Program is designed to help individuals who live in Tarrant County or the surrounding counties to obtain jail release.  Pretrial Release is a personal bond office funded through Tarrant County. It was established in March of 1979. The office is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about an accused person to assist in making a determination to release the individual from custody.

If you or a family member is in jail on a criminal offense, you may be released for $20.00, or 3% of the bond amount, whichever is greater.

Contact the Pretrial Release Office when you, a friend, or family member is in jail. We may be your alternative to incarceration.

Cases are reviewed on an individual basis. No person is discriminated against because of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, veteran's status, or disability. If you have a disability that requires accommodation, please contact our office.

When you call the Pretrial Release Office in order to obtain a Pretrial Release Bond, you will need to provide the interviewer with information regarding the person in jail. This information will aid in determining the client's eligibility to be released from jail.

Before you call, get the client's full legal name, the correct spelling, and birth date. The client must have a valid Texas driver's license or state identification card, and a social security number. In addition, you must provide three (3) local references.

A personal interview will be conducted if the client is in the Tarrant County Corrections Center. If the client is not at that facility, the person requesting the release will need to provide the necessary information to qualify the client.

The time of release from jail may vary according to the jail population and where the client is housed. However, the average time for release is about three hours. When you come to bond someone out of jail, please make allowances for unforeseen problems and possible delays.

Pretrial Release is committed to making a cost efficient mechanism available for the release of defendants from jail, to assist in alleviating an overcrowded jail, and to provide a fair and unbiased method of release.

Direct Objectives

  • To reduce jail overcrowding;
  • To ensure speedy release of eligible defendants from custody;
  • To reduce injustices in the release system;
  • To minimize number of failures to appear in court; and
  • To ensure a fair and equitable manner for all eligible persons to be releases from jail.

Indirect Objectives:

  • To inspire confidence in the legal system;
  • To reduce the loss of spending power in the community and the accompanying loss of potential tax revenue to the County;
  • To reduce the number of family disruptions caused when a parent is incarcerated; and
  • To allow defendants with roots in the community to obtain release pending their trial.

Minimum Qualifications:

The qualifications are simple -

  • You must be a resident of Tarrant County;
  • You must be in jail on a Tarrant County offense;
  • You must not be on parole nor have any previous felony convictions;
  • You must be willing to appear in court until the case is completely out of litigation; and
  • You must provide positive identification.

Excluded Charges:

Tarrant County Pretrial Release is unable to write bonds for specified criminal offenses. These excluded offenses must be signed by a County Criminal Judge or a Criminal District Judge. However, if a judge agrees to sign, a Pretrial bond may be written. First-degree felony charges are excluded. A history of bond forfeitures disqualifies a defendant for release through Pretrial.

Pretrial Screening methods are not simple; therefore, call an interviewer to determine if you are eligible. The telephone number is 817-884-1465.

Pretrial Release

Tarrant County Corrections Center

100 N. Lamar

Fort Worth, Texas 76196-0218




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