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    The TABC will mail a renewal application to you. Although these applications display only State of Texas fees, you also are required to pay a county fee.



    The Tax Assessor-Collector collects the county fees due for renewal beer, wine, and liquor permits. This fee is always one-half of the state fee. The Tax Assessor-Collector receives notification from TABC monthly on the new and renewing licenses. We mail you a bill for a Tarrant County Alcoholic Beverage Permit. However, if you fail to receive one, you still must contact our office to renew your permit. Fees may be paid in person only at our downtown location in person or by mail. 

    Payments by mail should be addressed to:

    Wendy Burgess, Tax Assessor-Collector
    Attn: Beer & Liquor Cashier
    100 E. Weatherford
    Fort Worth, TX 76196-0301

    We accept check and money order.  We also accept cash if payment is made in person.



    The Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector does not collect state fees for beer, wine, and liquor permits. As of February 1, 2014 we no longer collect state fees for new or renewal licenses for beer and wine permits. The TABC office in Austin bills for and collects these fees. Contact the TABC for additional information.