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    Frances Merrill Spiller Scott Collection

    Fort Worth Kindergarten 1906

    Summary: Donor was the daughter of John Howard Wright of Mansfield, who served as secretary of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and had come to Fort Worth from Graham. Frances Scott was a leader in the "Save the Scott House" movement in Fort Worth and an early officer of the Historical Preservation Council of Tarrant County.


    • Fort Worth Kindergarten, 1906; accompanying text reads: "The 'bus' was the surrey with the fringe on top. Picture property of Catherine Terrell McCartney. (left to right) Mary Mhoon Orrick; Louise Hudson; Eugene Orrick; Elizabeth Duringer Gaither; Margaret Hudson; Katie Bowlin Staude; Lillian Morrison; Miss Rebecca J. Morrison; Chris Hill (pupil); Mother Rintleman; Hilda Staude; David Stevens; Hardy Anderson; Katherine Bowlin, kindergarten teacher; Adults in picture: standing at left Morrison; back to photographer Martin; seated in buggy Finch; with three children Bowlin; children Boyle."
    • Frances Berkeley Spiller, on tricycle, and her mother, 1919