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    Carrol G. and Virginia Simpson Mathews Collection

    Summary: Wallace Simpson was donor Virginia Simpson Mathews's grandfather. Her husband, Carrol Mathews, is owner of the Fort Worth Grain Exchange located at 2707 Decatur Avenue in Fort Worth. Carrol Mathews has long taken it upon himself to care for the cemetery next door to his business. Mitchell Cemetery is one of the oldest in Tarrant County and still contains 30 graves of the very first pioneers to settle in this area. One grave is for the first Tarrant County judge, Seaborn Gilmore, who attended grade school in Illinois with Abraham Lincoln prior to coming to Texas and fought in the Mexican War. Judge Gilmore's family, including his son-in-law, the county's first sheriff, are also buried in Mitchell Cemetery.


    • William Laybourne Simpson and Wallace Simpson at "Winter Dug Out" on LS Ranch in Childress, Texas, in early 1890's. 9 by 5 inches sepia tone copy
    • Wallace Simpson, western artist of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1920-1930. He was with El Paso Times, 1915-1920. 6 by 6 inches black and white copy
    • Wallace Simpson with his good friend, Frank Tenney Johnson, on dog trot of Isaac Parker cabin, March 1930 (image shown). Comanche captive Cynthia Ann Parker lived here briefly following her return to her family. For modern image and more information on this cabin see Log Cabin Village Collection.

    Cynthia Ann Parker Cabin 1930