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    Rufus Lester Leggett Collection


    Reichsmarshall Herman Goring, undated

    Pictured: Reichsmarshall Herman Goring, undated

    Summary: Donor is a veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He served in the 36th Infantry during World War II and took part in the surrender of Reichsmarshall Herman Goring in May of 1945. In 1957, the donor's father was on the crew that took off the west porch entry to the 1895 Courthouse. He collected hardware from the Courthouse as mementos. Leggett donated the hardware collected by his father to the Archives. He also donated newspaper articles and photographs pertaining to his service during World War II.


    • "Bagging a Bigwig," World War II, January/February 2006. Interview by David Lesjak of Rufus Lester Leggett, pages 34-40. Includes Mr. Leggett's description of the surrender of Reichsmarshall Hermann Goring (image shown), early May 1945
    • "Goering, Former No. 2 Nazi, Held at Army Headquarters," by Seymour Korman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 10, 1945
    • "Interview: Real-Life Action Hero," by Officer Adam Musil, Texas National Guard Public Affairs, The Dispatch, January 2007

    Courthouse Artifacts

    • Black zippered case containing hardware from the 1895 Courthouse including a door knob, a folding key, a door lock, two door knob and key plates, and a door lock plate
    • Allied Operations in World War II, 1942-1945
    Copies of original photographs from the donor's personal collection
    • Cover of book To Zell and Back by Rufus Lester Leggett, undated
    • Rufus Lester Leggett, Sergeant on the Rhine, WWII, 36th ID Reconnaissance Company 636th TDBN, 1944
    • M-8 Armored Car with turret penetrated by German MK IV Tank 75mm, February 1945
    • Rufus Lester Leggett with M-18 Tank Destroyer, Brent Miullins Museum of the American GI, College Station, Texas, undated
    • Rufus Lester Leggett, Sergeant 36th Infantry Division, with M-8 Armored Car, WWII, undated
    • Rufus Lester Leggett with WWII M-8 Armored Car, undated
    • Castle, near Kitzbuehl, where Hermann Goring surrendered, May 1945
    • Lester Leggett at the Tarrant County archives holding photo of his National Guard unit posing on Hemphill in 1941, undated



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