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    Mary Daggett Lake Collection

    Armour and Company Fort Worth Postcard

    Pictured: Postcard of Armour and Company plant in Fort Worth,

    circa 1890s

    Summary: The Mary Daggett Lake Collection consists of articles written by Lake for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as well as scrapbooks, postcards, maps and various documents and photographs related to Tarrant County history. Mary Daggett Lake (1880-1955), daughter of E.M. Daggett and Laura Alice Palmer Daggett, held a lifelong interest in botany and was a charter member of the Fort Worth Garden Club. She also served as the garden editor for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and on the Fort Worth Park Board.


    • Quilting
    • Flowers and Gardening, 1942-1944
    • Flowers and Gardening, 1944-1947
    • Flowers and Gardening, 1940-1941
    • Flowers and Garderning, 1940
    • “Let’s Go!” and “Mrs. Tarrant Goes Shopping”
    • Fay Lightfoot
    • Cato Sells
    • Religion
    • J. Frank Dobie, 1950-1961
    • J. Frank Dobie, 1943-1961
    • Theatre Programs
    • Elizabeth M. Archer
    • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated, 1940s
    • Advertisements
    • Political Articles
    • Genealogy
    • Climbing the Family Tree
    • Twigs and Trees
    • Flags of Texas 1835-1839
    • Flowers and Gardening, 1939-1940
    • Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1893-1905
    • Fort Worth's First Hundred Years 'Where the West Begins'
    • Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1949
    • Newspaper Clippings, 1893-1908
    • Climbing the Family Tree Indexed
    • Tarrant County First Hundred Families
    • Genealogy Articles
    • Fort Worth Centennial
    • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated, 1908, 1934
    • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated
    • Gardening, undated, 1941-1942
    • Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, undated, 1949, 1951
    • Fort Worth Pioneers And Gardening 1923-1935 Scrapbook
    • Lambs 1887-1942 Scrapbook

    Follow link to view PDFs of fully scanned Mary Daggett Lake Scrapbooks.


    • Four maps: LaBahia Mission, Alamo at time of siege, San Antonio convent, Pleasure map of lower Rio Grande Valley
    • Military map of Texas and Coahuila (1835-1836)
    • Refugio Mission, ground plan
    • Siege of Bexar, December 5-10, 1835
    • San Jacinto Battlefield
    • Area near Mission Concepcion, James Bowie battle, October 28,1835
    • Texas map. 1944, with State Parks
    • Municipalities, Republic of Texas, 1836
    • Fannin's Fight, March 19, 1836


    • Book: Scenes by Clare V. Skinner, Part Seven, at Fort Worth, Texas 1896.
    • Architectural Plans for Kelroy Chadwick, drawn by Morris B Parker, 5240 Camp Bowie Blvd., December 10, 1952  
    • Two pages from Footnotes August 1978, about estate of Washington Traylor (July 19, 1866) and James Estes (September 30, 1864)
    • Three-page biography of John F. Grant
    • Pencil drawing on cardboard of "Miracle Time in Texas" describing old Daggett homestead on Daggett Point
    • Written description of second pioneer home, Charles B Daggett, about 1883, on torn heavy paper
    • Two photographs mounted on board labeled "Father Tree" and "Mother Tree"
    • Newspaper: River Oaks News section, July 24, 1953: Casa Manana, Bell Helicopter, Will Rogers Center, Mount Carmel Academy

    Mary Daggett Lake gave a collection of postcards to her friend Julia Kathryn Garrett, who later donated them to the Tarrant County Archives. Follow link to view Julia Kathryn Garrett Named Collection page.