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    Emmit Koelle Collection

    Bell Attack Helicopter AH-1G
    Summary: Donated photograph of helicopter from the late 1960's. Donor provides the following background: "This photograph is of an early flight of the first prototype AH-1G helicopter that was developed by Bell Helicopter. This aircraft was developed by Bell during the height of the Vietnam War. It was an improved armed helicopter designed to replace prior troop helicopters that had been converted to be gun platforms. The two AH-1G prototypes were highly successful, and the following U.S. Army production helicopters were rushed into service during the Vietnam War..." Donor is retired from Bell Helicopter.  The photograph was displayed in his home workshop and there exposed to light for many years, fading the color image significantly. A digital copy of the donated print was color corrected by Melanie Alexander for display on this web page.
    • Prototype AH-1G helicopter, built by Bell Helicopter, late 1960s, eight inches by 10 inches color photo, note included with photograph