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    Kristy Fortenberry Collection

    Summary: A collection of photographs taken in 1978. All are 4 by 3 inches and black and white.
    • Photograph: Keller city limit sign, from Southlake
    • Photograph: Bear Creek Park sign
    • Photograph: Bear Creek Park with ducks
    • Photograph: Keller Episcopal Church
    • Photograph: St. Martin's in the Field Episcopal Church sign
    • Photograph: Mount Gilead Baptist Church
    • Photograph: First Baptist Church of Keller
    • Photograph: Keller Presbyterian Church
    • Photograph: Golden Gate Baptist Church
    • Photograph: First United Methodist Church, Keller
    • Photograph: Church of Christ
    • Photograph: Stockyards and Auction Grounds on F.M. 1709
    • Photograph: Barns for Stockyards
    • Photograph: Radar Dome, north east of Keller in outskirts