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    Mark Cashman Collection

    Summary: A collection of photographs taken by donor as part of a class assignment as  a student at Tarrant County Junior College. Each photograph is black and white, 4 3/8 by 3 ½ inches. All were made in November 1979.
    • Knights of Pythias Castle Hall, 300 Main Front, facing west, showing upper floors with knight missing from his niche.
    • Knights of Pythias Castle Hall, 300 Main Front Southern side near western corner, showing upper windows details.
    • Knights of Pythias Castle Hall, 300 Main Front Southern facade, with some scaffolding in center. Building looks gutted. Thomas S. Byrne sign shows at bottom left.
    • Sundance Square, western side of Main.
    • Loans Building, 308 Main, original site for White Elephant Saloon. This building was built c. 1906 for a haberdasher on main floor. Morris Pawn Shop probably predated this photo as occupant. The facade was kept, but an entirely new building was built behind in 1981.
    • Construction site for Tarrant County Administration Building, 100 Main.
    • Construction sign for County Administration Building.
    • Fenced construction site looking south: Blackstone Hotel can be seen on right, corner of Fire Station number 1 is seen on far left. Photograph pre-dates building of either Bass Tower. Site was location of Ellison Building.
    • Plaza Hotel, 300 Main.
    • Construction sign for Plaza Hotel.
    • Facade facing west on Main, with upper balcony showing. Began as the Inman Hotel, later the Scott, and later the Plaza, which it remained until 1981.
    • Southern portion of facade facing Main.
    • 200 Main Street, future site for Bass Tower 1.
    • Rubble left from tearing down the Stripling's Appliance Store and garage, view is looking north east towards Weatherford Street. Huffman School can be seen on right.
    • 200 Main Street, site for Americana, later Worthington Hotel.
    • Basement level preparations for Worthington Hotel, with Tandy Center to right. Block would be between Houston (on left) and Throckmorton (on right).
    • Same view as number 11 but turned north south east. (Image is blurred but Blackstone Hotel, Burk Burnett Bldg, Transport Life (old F and M), and Continental Bank can be seen in distance.