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    Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr. Collection

    Summary: Bryan donated material regarding the community of Tate Springs. Tate Springs was a small crossroads community a few miles east of Fort Worth in southeastern Tarrant County now within the city limits of Arlington. In 1870 E. C. Tate, a Confederate veteran, left his war-torn home in Gordon County, Georgia, and moved to Texas, leading a wagon train of related families. He settled in southern Tarrant County between Village and Rush Creeks, and the resulting community took his name. In 1882 the Joplin School and a Baptist church were established to serve the community. A 1948 map shows Tate Springs as a few scattered dwellings, and in 1952 it was described as a church and crossroads community.
    • Paper: Tate Springs, Texas: A Cartographic Approach to Community History, 1997.