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    Mary Kathryn Arnold Collection

    Tye Cemetry Tarrant County
    Tye Cemetery Tarrant County
    Summary: The donor gave work she authored, covering the historic Tye Cemetery in Tarrant County.
    • Tye Cemetery: Families and History revised October 2002   Compiled, written and edited by Mary Kathryn Hoaldridge Arnold. History of cemetery, with family histories of those interred at Tye Cemetery, spiral bound, soft cover, 33 pages
    • Listing of burials by families with short comments under those listed, 69 pages
    • Description of veterans memorial, with lists below of all veterans buried at Tye, giving their service and the war in which they were involved, 4 pages
    • Chart of Tye Cemetery created by Oscar Lochridge 
    • List of burials at the Spinks Lots (1995-1999)