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    Yamagata, Elaine Yoko
    Yamagata, Tadashi
    Yancey, Betty Williamson
    Yancy, Burns
    Yarbrough, Minnie
    Yarbrough, Paul Jr.
    Yarbrough, Tom
    Yates, Dorothy "Dotty"
    Yates, Earl
    Yates Family
    Yates, Felix
    Yates, J. E. M.
    Yates, John
    Yates, Kate E.
    Yates, Lovey and Estill
    Yates, Sanford
    Yeager, Dennis R.
    Yeargains and Stephens Family
    Yeary, Clyde W.
    Yelvingston, C. W. "Click"
    Yordanoff Family
    York, Sheriff John B.
    Young, Judge Bruce
    Young, Charles
    Young, Charles Hutchinson
    Young, Ella Holt
    Young, Frances
    Young, James B.
    Young, J. Frank
    Young, Lewis D.
    Young, Marshall Roberts Jr.
    Young, William C "Brigham"
    Young, William Kelly
    Youngblood, Elizabeth
    Youngblood, Jeremiah
    Youngblood, John Henry
    Younkin, George C.
    Yund, Lester