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    Oakley Family
    O'Brien, Stephen Murrin
    O'Connell, Suzanne
    O'Daniel, W. Lee
    Odom, A. T.
    Odum, S.T.
    O'Donnell, Pearl Foster
    Ogilve, Ava Maude
    Ogle, Daired
    O'Hara, Evelyn Clay "Lyn"
    Ohendalski, John Lee
    O'Kane, Joseph
    O'Keefe Family (C. A.)
    Oldfield, Barney
    Olivares, Leticia Chavez
    Olmsted, Tabitha
    O'Neal, Cora Maud
    O'Neall, Fred B.
    O'Neill, Patsy Leaman
    Oster, Sallie
    Ostrako Family
    Oswald, Lee Harvey
    Outlaw, John Calhoun
    Overton, W. H.
    Owens, Bill
    Owens, J. C.
    Owens, Dr. May
    Owens, William F. Jr.
    Oxsheer, Thomas