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    Community Relations

    Community Relations at School


    Community Relations

    200 Taylor Street - 7th Floor
    Fort Worth, TX 76196
    817-884-1287 or 817-884-2952


    The Community Relations Division of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing drug and safety awareness education to Tarrant County residents in addition to promoting employment opportunities.

    It is the philosophy of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office that preventative education is one of many ways to reduce crime and enhance our community. We believe when students and citizens are provided facts about problem issues in the community, then they will make better choices. A major focus of the division is child safety and awareness education.

    The educational information is provided by the Community Relations Division at many schools throughout the county.  Presentations include but are not limited to alcohol, drug and safety issues and awareness. Subjects may include age-appropriate programs from pre-school through high school.

    In addition to providing classroom instruction for students, the division offers presentations to various groups and organizations regarding several safety-related issues. These presentations are given at no charge. However, most presentations are made during regular work or school hours. This is more convenient for the majority of the intended audiences and we find that attendance is substantially higher. If you are interested in a subject or issue, please call the Community Relations Office.