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    Criminal Investigations Division

    200 Taylor Street - 7th Floor
    Fort Worth, TX 76196


    The Tarrant County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for the person in the photo. If you have any information regarding the person of interest, please contact Crime Stoppers 817-469-TIPS (8477) or or the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations.


    The person of interest is black male of slender build.

    Given the close proximity of all the victims’ addresses, we believe the person of interest lives in or near the affected area of Carson Ranch Subdivision in unincorporated South Tarrant County near Crowley. The burglaries have been reported between the hours of 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

    The person of interest walks the neighborhood  and  enters  into homes through unlocked doors, windows and pet doors and does so even when people are home.

    Video of person in question.

    Do not attempt to arrest or detain.