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    Tarrant County Emissions Task Force  817-884-3728

    The Tarrant County Emissions Enforcement Task Force (TCEETF) is a grant-funded task force whose goal is to reduce mobile-source emissions in Tarrant County and North Texas by decreasing the number of vehicles operating without validly issued inspection reports and certificates.  It is the mission of the Task Force to enforce state laws concerning fraudulent, fictitious, counterfeit and improperly issued vehicle inspection reports and motor vehicle inspection certificates. This criminal activity allows vehicle owners to circumvent the emissions testing requirements allowing the drivers to operate vehicles with faulty emissions systems which have a negative impact on the air quality in our area.

    Investigators assigned to the TCEETF specialize in identifying and investigating vehicle inspections stations within Tarrant County that are committing these fraudulent inspections in an effort to eliminate the activity and pursue charges against the involved inspectors.

    Sheriff Dee Anderson is the chairman of the Task Force governing board comprised of the Tarrant County District Attorney and the Tarrant County Administrator -- representing the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. The Board oversees the Task Force that is funded through a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Funding comes from a user-fee on automobile safety and emission inspections.

    For questions regarding the TCEETF and its mission or should you suspect that a vehicle inspection station is committing fraudulent vehicle inspections please call 817-884-3728.