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    Bid/RFP Number Bid/RFP Name Court Doc
    2011-068 Inmate Calling Services
    2012-158 Pagers and Paging Services
    2013-052 Cisco Network Equipment
    2014-063 Fuel
    2014-083 Printing and Processing of Tax Statements
    2014-134 Emulsions
    2014-163 Preventive Maint on Air Handling and Cooling Equipment
    2014-164 Mechanical and Plumbing Services
    2014-165 Police Package Vehicles
    2014-166 SAP Consulting Services
    2014-171 Disaster Debris Removal Reduction Disposal
    2015-001 Disaster Debris Monitoring and Consulting
    2015-003 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response
    2015-018 Office Supplies
    2015-042 Background Screening Services Scores
    2015-046 Operation and Mgmt Parking Facilities Scores
    2015-057 Professional Investigative Services for Applicants for License as Bondsman
    2015-058 Custom File Folders for District Clerk
    2015-060 IT Staffing Augumentation Services
    2015-086 MICR Priner Maintenance
    2015-092 Fire Extinguishers Fire Hoses and Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression
    2015-093 Tire Repairs and Service
    2015-102 Auto Parts
    2015-106 340b Prescription Drug Wholesalers
    2015-108 Propane
    2015-113 Offender Defendant Paid Electronic Monitoring
    2015-119 Offender-Defendant Paid Breath Alcohol Testing
    2015-121 Facsimile and Multi-Function Machines
    2015-123 Offender Defendant Paid Continuous Alcohol Monitoring
    2015-133 Cold Applied Asphalt Crack Sealant
    2015-143 Bio-Medical Waste Pick-up Disposal
    2015-146 Automated Phone System Labor for Plexar System
    2015-152 Preventive Maintenance on Air Compressors
    2015-153 Welding Equipment and Industrial Medical Gases
    2015-154 Graphic and Photographic Supplies
    2015-157 Emergency Vehicle Equipment
    2015-163 In-House Urine Saliva Drug Alcohol Testing
    2015-173 Fax Maintenance
    2015-176 Public Health Marketing Contractor Scores
    2015-179 Fidelis Cybersecurity Protection
    2015-181 Custom File Folders
    2015-184 Lime Slurry and Hydrated Lime
    2015-186 ASTM Type 1 Portland Cement
    2015-187 Reinforced Concrete Pipe
    2015-189 Asphalt Road Surfacing Products
    2015-199 Personal Protection Equipment
    2015-201 Exterminating and Pest Control
    2015-207 Monitoring Services - Burglary Fire Safe
    2015-209 Security Guard Services
    2016-006 Police Package Vehicles
    2016-016 Road Flares
    2016-017 Law Enforcement Uniforms
    2016-019 Resource Connection Fire Alarm Replacement
    2016-020 Operation of First Stop Reentry Center
    2016-021 Printing of Election Ballots
    2016-023 Custom Storage Credenzas for Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building
    2016-027 Copy Paper Stock Paper Envelopes
    2016-028 Three Table Top Exercises Scores
    2016-036 Wrecking Service
    2016-042 Automotive Truck Equipment Tires and Tubes
    2016-043 Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing
    2016-047 Vending Services
    2016-048 IT Staffing Augmentation Services
    2016-059 Installation and Removal of Guard Fence
    2016-060 Carpet Tile and Miscellaneous Flooring
    2016-061 Temporary Healthcare Personnel
    2016-066 Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Backflow Preventer Testing
    2016-067 Fire Alarm Inspections and Maintenance Repair
    2016-070 Purchase and Maintenance of Digital Copiers
    2016-071 Lawn Maintenance Equipment
    2016-072 Landscape Supplies
    2016-076 Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement and Repair
    2016-079 Cold Milling Machine with Operator
    2016-081 Offender Defendant Paid Batter's Intervention and Prevention Program
    2016-082 Miscellaneous Office Furniture
    2016-083 Time and Date Stamp Machines
    2016-087 Preventive Maintenance Lawn Maint Equip
    2016-090 Toner Cartridges for Inkjet and Laser Printers
    2016-091 Destruction and Disposal of 8-Liners CRTs and Mixed Electronic Recycling
    2016-093 Beam Seating for Tarrant County Sheriff's Dept
    2016-101 Life Skills Program
    2016-104 Behavioral Management and Support Services for JJAEP
    2016-111 Preventive Maint Commercial Kitchen Facilities
    2016-113 Elementary Alternative School Based Child Advocacy and Mentoring Services
    2016-114 Flags
    2016-115 Sign Shop Supplies
    2016-119 Tactical Safety Vests
    2016-121 Erosion Control
    2016-123 Juvenile Services Drug Court Program Cannabis Youth Therapy and Family Support Network
    2016-126 First Offender Program for Juvenile Services
    2016-127   Work Uniforms
    2016-128 Inmate Food Trays
    2016-132 Copy Paper Stock Paper and Envelopes
    2016-133 Repair and Preventative Maintenance of Kitchen Equipment
    2016-134 Family Support and Youth Transition Program
    2016-137 Inmate Uniforms
    2016-138 Generators Preventative Maintenance
    2016-140 Tractor and Boom Mower
    2016-144 Lawn Treatment
    2016-149 Drug and Alcohol Laboratory Confirmation Testing Services
    2016-151 Lamps, Ballast and Electrical Supplies
    2016-152 Flexible Road Base
    2016-155 Armored Car Service
    2016-159 Traffic Control Equipment
    2016-165 Temporary KItchen Personnel
    2016-173 Lumber Building Materials and Supplies
    2016-174 Sign Post and Anchor Material Breakaway Style
    2016-176 SAP Consulting Services
    2016-177 Air Filters and Filter Replacement Services
    2016-178 Toilet Paper
    2016-186 Election Printed Forms
    2016-188 Lawn Maintenance
    2016-190 Inmate Hygiene Supplies
    2016-193 Landscape Supplies
    2016-194 Hydraulic Repairs and Service
    2016-195 Precinct 1 Maintenance Facility Furniture Purchase
    2016-196 Misc Lab Testing
    2016-197 Copier Maintenance, Supplies and Repairs
    2016-199 Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment
    2016-202 Copier and Fax Supplies
    2016-208 Single Drum Padfoot Vibratory
    2016-211 Short-Term and Long Term Rental of Cars Trucks and Vans
    2016-215 Pneumatic Compactors
    2016-221 Prisoner Extradition Services
    2016-225 Dishwashing and Laundry Chemicals
    2017-004 Paper and Plastic Products
    2017-005 Tactical Gear
    2017-007 Managed Services for Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration Environment
    2017-018 Window Washing
    2017-024 Mattress Materials
    2017-025 Preventative Maintenance Ice Machines Walk-In Coolers
    2017-035 Tim Curry 7th and 8th Floor Holding Cell Elevator Alteration
    2017-036 Tim Curry 7th and 8th Floor Holding Cell Project
    2017-040 Purchase of Spare Parts for UPS Battery Back-Up for Security Systems
    2017-045 Purchase of Mobile Workstations for Dionne Phillips Bagsby Southwest Temporary Lease Space
    2017-059 Toner Cartridges and Maintenance Supplies for Inkjet and Laser Printers
    2017-061 Janitorial Supplies
    2017-064 Dick Andersen Building HVAC Replacement
    2017-066 Purchase of Sunraise HP-12 Thermographer
    2017-067 Automotive OEM Parts
    2017-068 Enterprise Disease Surveillance and Management System
    2017-079 Janitorial Services
    2017-081 Highly Specialized Transition and Aftercare Program
    2017-083 Custom File Folders
    2017-086 Out-Patient Treatment Services for Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems
    2017-095 Transportation Services for JJAEP
    2017-101 Intensive Spanish Language Mental Health Services
    2017-102 Hybrid Vehicles
    2017-105 Traffic Paint
    2017-106 Offender/Defendant-Paid DWi Education,DWI Repeat Offender Program and Drug Offender Program
    2017-107 Miscellaneous Medical Supplies/Disposables
    2017-109 Microsoft Project Online Implementation
    2017-111 Family Centered Multifaceted Wraparound Services
    2017-113 Fitness Classes and Personal Trainer Sessions
    2017-115 Postage Machine
    2017-117 PreSort Mailing Services
    2017-120 Automotive and Light Truck OEM Repairs and Service
    2017-121 Community Based Detention Services
    2017-125 Semi-Annual Contract for Copy Paper, Stock Paper and Envelopes
    2017-126 Warehouse Boxes and Lids
    2017-128 Locksmith Services and Supplies
    2017-130 Rental of Tables and Chairs
    2017-132 Clinical Polygraph Services
    2017-134 Excess Workers' Compensation Insurance
    2017-136 Psychological/Psychiatric/Psychosexual Evaluations
    2017-142 Fitness Equipment for Resource Connection Fitness Center and Correction Center Workout
    2017-143 Professional Land Surveying Services
    2017-144 Class 7 Cab Chassis Trucks with Box Van Body and 4,000 Lb. LIft Gate
    2017-145 Temporary Clerical Personnel
    2017-147 Rental of Bobtail Trucks
    2017-148 Temporary General Labor for Fac Mgmt
    2017-151 Mosquito Control Pesticides and Products
    2017-152 Temporary Radiology Technologists
    2017-157 Medical Examiner Supplies
    2017-158 Formax 2054 High Volume Pressure Sealers
    2017-159 Panasonic Digital Business System and Services
    2017-160 Master Property/Boiler Machinery Insurance
    2017-163 Fencing and Fencing Repair
    2017-164 HVAC Water Treatment Services
    2017-165 Geotextile Paving Fabrics
    2017-170 Truck Mounted Telescopic Aerial Device
    2017-171 Urine Drug Screening Supplies
    2017-174 Lift Repairs and Service
    2017-177 Floor Mats and Shop Towel Service
    2017-179 Purchase of Canon varioPrint DP 140, Components
    2018-013 Printing & Mailing of Voter Registration Certificate Cards, Confirmation Notices & Printed Stock
    2018-022 Purchase of Pickups, Vans and Utility Vehicles
    2018-023 Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Services
    2018-025 Service Awards
    2018-029 Modular Furniture and Moveable Demountable Walls
    2018-035 Tactical Gear

    Accessibility Notice: Some documents were created from scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact Donna Sneed at 817-884-1146.