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    Staff Directory

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     Name   Position Phone No.
    Dallas Arter Senior Buyer 817-884-1144
    Jennice Anderson
    Cooperative Purchasing Administrator 817-884-1414
    Eva Ferguson, CSCP Senior Buyer 817-884-1057
    Dianna Lee, C.P.M. Senior Contracts Administrator, Office Support Services


    Tim Jones Senior Buyer 817-884-2620
    Gwen Peterson, C.P.M., A.P.P. Senior Buyer 817-884-1145
    Christina Martinez Senior Buyer 817-884-1150
    James Bocks, CPPB Senior Buyer, Construction 817-884-1738
    Christopher Lax, CPSM Senior Contracts Administrator, Support Services 817-212-7233
    Rita C. Pauley, CPO Senior Buyer 817-212-6829
    Elaine Johnson
    Senior Buyer 817-212-7549
    Elizabeth Pietzsch, CPCM
    Senior Contracts Administrator, Operations 817-884-1141
    Charelle Bennett Senior Buyer 817-884-1134
    Brandie Bingham, CPPB
    Senior Buyer 817-884-3246
    Susanna Lea, CPPB Buyer 817-884-1852
    Regina Turner Office Manager, Administration 817-884-2427
    Brenda Granger Bid Secretary 817-884-1146
    Murline Brazelton Bid Secretary 817-884-1931
    Patty Page Bid Secretary 817-884-2428
    Mark Shobe Purchasing Software Specialist 817-884-3291
    Teresa Lobacz HUB Program Coordinator 817-884-1132
    Kristi Hendricks Fixed Assets Coordinator 817-759-7842
    Jack Beacham, C.P.M., A.P.P. Purchasing Agent
    Melissa Lee, C.P.M., A.P.P. Assistant Purchasing Agent 817-884-3245


    Here is a list of commodity/service categories used at Tarrant County and their associated Buyers.