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    In 1939, the leaders of Tarrant County lobbied the State Legislature for the creation of a County Purchasing Agent to centralize purchasing activities outside the political realm of Commissioners Court. On April 13, 1939, the House and Senate unanimously passed S.B. 429 establishing such a position with appointing authority vested in the Board of District Judges and County Judge. In May, 1939, the Tarrant County District Judges and County Judge appointed J.M. (Star) Williams as the first County Purchasing Agent in the State of Texas.

    In 1992, the appointing authority for some counties was changed to 3 District Judges and 2 members of Commissioners Court.

    To this day, Tarrant County remains a recognized leader in the area of county purchasing. Jack Beacham , C.P.M., A.P.P., appointed January 2, 1996, is the current Tarrant County Purchasing Agent. Only six individuals have held this position in the 78 years since its creation.

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