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    Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

    2014 Tarrant County Community Health Improvement Plan - Because Health Matters

    Where and how we live, learn, work and play affects our health. Understanding how these factors influence health is critical for developing the best strategies to address them. To accomplish these goals, Tarrant County Public Health -- in collaboration with representatives from social services, health care organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, faith-based organizations and local government -- led a comprehensive community health planning effort to measurably improve the health of Tarrant County residents.

    This effort, which progresses with no formal funding, includes two major phases:

    1. A community health assessment (CHA) to identify the health-related needs and strengths of Tarrant County.

    2. A community health improvement plan (CHIP) to determine major health priorities, over-arching goals and specific objectives and strategies that can be implemented in a coordinated way across Tarrant County.

    In addition to guiding future services, programs and policies for these agencies and the area overall, the CHA and CHIP are also required prerequisites for the health department to earn accreditation, which indicates that the agency is meeting national standards.


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