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    Samples being tested

    Getting the Results

    The lab test results of your sample will be known in two to five days. You may call for a verbal result after 48 hours. To inquire about your sample, please have readily available the name written in the address window of the submission form and the exact date of submission. If you pay for a duplicate record the results will be faxed or emailed to you the next business day between 3 - 5 p.m.


    The lab will then mail the results to you on the form you completed. The MMO-MUG test for total coliforms and E. coli will be performed. The words which are the key to this report are:


             Total Coliform:

            [] Present   [] Absent

              E. Coli:

            [] Present  [] Absent



    A positive report indicating that Total Coliform organisms and/or E. coli have been found means the water may be unsafe and the system needs to be disinfected.


    A negative report indicating that Total Coliform organisms and E. coli have not been found means the water is considered bacteriologically safe to drink at the time of sampling.

    Remember that other factors such as chemical composition may also affect the safety, taste, and/or appearance of the water. For information regarding chemical testing in our laboratory, please refer to the Water Chemistry Testing page.


    UNSUITABLE FOR ANALYSIS - If the report returned to you from the lab indicates a problem with your sampling, retrace the proper steps for sampling. If you carefully follow the guidelines for proper sampling, you can avoid most reasons for an unsuitable sample.

    If your report form is positive for coliform organisms, you should treat your well system with chlorine bleach, and then submit another sample for analysis. A water disinfection brochure is available in the forms below for download. If you have questions, contact the laboratory.


    Guidelines and Regulations concerning water sampling are set out in the State of Texas "Drinking Water Standards" and the Federal "Safe Drinking Water Act."