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    Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) is a specific form of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that is focused strictly on mosquitoes. IMM strategies optimize mosquito control by using different tactics and pesticides to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the wild, therefore reducing risk to diseases that mosquitoes may carry. Using more classes/types of pesticides to control mosquitoes reduces the chances of mosquito pesticide resistance, thereby reducing the amount of chemical applied. Not all mosquito control is by chemical means. Physical means such as modifying landscapes/habitats, tilling soil and dumping out sources and biological means such as adding soil bacteria and certain species of fish may also be utilized to eliminate mosquitoes.

    IMM is carried out by our vector control team and others within the Environmental Health Division. We possess a non-commercial political license that allows us to treat Tarrant County unincorporated areas only. We do not have the ability to treat private properties with this license. This is why we need your help! Take control of the situation -- inspect your yard on a regular basis to look for mosquito breeding sources. These may include places like dishes of flowerpots, French drains, septic systems with loose seals, various containers, tires, unmaintained pools and/or hot tubs, bird baths, fountains, down spouts and gutters filled with leaves. Mosquito breeding may not always be obvious, sometimes they are underground or caused by leaky pipes beneath foundations of buildings.