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    woman holding red ribbon in cupped hands

    Preventive Medicine Clinic (PMC)

    The PMC is a specialty clinic that operates as part of Tarrant County Public Health. This clinic specializes in the care and treatment of people diagnosed as HIV positive. PMC offers confidential education, testing, counseling, primary medical care, treatment and case management. Treatment of HIV requires frequent monitoring and careful selection of medications. In order to get the best results, it is important to take all prescribed drugs all the time. If you're a client, you need to know your health depends not only on your physical condition, but your mental and emotional health. We will help you take charge of your life by encouraging you to take steps to stay healthy and enjoy living. We will answer questions, do necessary tests, get you the right medications, make referrals to specialists as needed and listen to any concerns you may have. Advances in the treatment of HIV are being made daily. It is the PMC's goal to help our clients keep themselves in the best of health.