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    Dear Tarrant County Residents

    In light of the recent Ebola situation in Dallas, Tarrant County Public Health wants to assure you that our community in Tarrant County is safe.

    In recent developments over the weekend, you may have heard that approximately 48 “Contacts” have finished their 21-day monitoring period for symptoms and have come off the watch list. We celebrate this fact and hope that the remaining “Contacts” finish their monitoring period in the same way and remain symptom free. As an assuring reminder, many of these contacts are now going to start coming off their watch list over the next several days.

    We also want you to know that Tarrant County Public Health is closely monitoring all “Contacts” in Tarrant County to check for symptoms. We have not had a “Case” of Ebola in Tarrant County.

    Please see the attached one page guidance document we created. It explains some of the commonly used terms and gives some brief background on how Ebola spreads.

    If you have further questions, feel free to call the Tarrant County Ebola Information Hotline at 817-248-6299.


    Veerinder (Vinny) Taneja

    Director, Tarrant County Public Health