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    It's National Public Health Week!

    Changing our health for the better means ensuring conditions where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. We all have a role to play and it begins with using our TCPH expertise to educate our own staff and our community. This year the focus is on the following topics:

    It's National Public Health Week, Celebrate with Tarrant County Public Health and help build a healthier community. Get social with #NPHW

    Behavioral Health: Focus on and advocate for improved access to mental and behavioral health services.
    Communicable Diseases: Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission.
    Environmental Health: Help to protect and maintain a healthy planet.
    Injury and Violence Prevention: Learn about the effects of injury and violence on health.
    Ensuring the Right to Health: Advocate for everyone's right to a healthy life.
    So let's celebrate by working together and get social too. Use the hashtag #NPHW to help spread the word across social media.