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    The Ban on Outside Burning in Tarrant County has expired

    The Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office reminds you that if you conduct an outside burn you must;

        Contact the Tarrant County Fire Alarm Center at 817-232-9800 before you burn to make sure it is an allowable Burn Day.

        Stays with the fire at all times while it is burning.

        No burning at night.  Only burn from sun up to sun down.

        Have water and cell phone available.

        Consider your neighbors when burning.  Make sure the smoke does not blow towards a neighbor’s home.

        Be extremely careful.

        Only burn brush, tree limbs, grass clippings and leaves.
        No trash or building materials.

    Be safe and careful.
    Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office

    For more infromation contact RANDY RENOIS, FIRE MARSHAL 2750 PREMIER STREET, PHONE:817-838-4660 FAX:817-831-2007


    News release date: March 12, 2018