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    Property Tax Prepayment Information

    Taxpayers who prepaid 2018 property taxes in anticipation of deducting the payment in 2017 should be aware that the Tarrant County Tax Office cannot guarantee the payment can be used as a deduction, and the Internal Revenue Service has announced a ruling that a 2018 assessment is required in order to deduct the payment.  We are unable to provide an assessment until October 2018.  

    Taxpayers who prepaid 2018 taxes in good faith and later determine they no longer wish to have the prepayment on their account can request a refund.  The following procedures are in place for requesting such refunds:

    •    All refunds over $5,000 require a signed request and Commissioner Court approval.  

    •    Requests for a refund must be in writing.  We can mail a refund application at the taxpayer’s request by phone or email.  In order to expedite the refund, the taxpayer can mail or email a request.  All requests must be dated and include a complete name/signature, the account number or property address, brief explanation, and a phone number.  Incomplete requests will be delayed.

    •    Send a written request to the following address:
            Tarrant County Tax Office
            Attention:  Refund Department
            100 E. Weatherford Street
            Fort Worth, TX  76196

    •    Send an email request to

    Applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Taxpayers should expect a minimum of 30 days for processing once the signed request is received.

    As a reminder, most accounts without the half payment option applied for 2017 are due by January 31, 2018 to avoid additional penalty & interest.

    Questions can be directed to our office at 817-884-1100.

    Contact: Vickie Doane, Staff Development and Communications Manager

    News release date: January 05, 2018