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    Blue Ribbon Committee to present health care report


    The Citizens Blue Ribbon Committee (CRBC) will present a report on Tarrant County’s future health care needs and delivery systems to a combined meeting of the Commissioners Court and the JPS Board of Managers.  It will also make recommendations on what the JPS Health Network should do in order to address those needs.

    Over the past year, the CRBC has held town hall meetings, met with residents who use JPS and professionals who work with the Network.  It also reviewed the reports of two consultants, who examined health care trends, anticipated demographic changes, an evaluation of JPS facilities and projections on the effectiveness of the current facilities when compared with future needs.

    The CRBC will present a detailed 52-page report that includes recommended changes in operations as well as recommendations for additional facilities located throughout the county.

    The CRBC will present its report to the Tarrant County Commissioners Court and the JPS Board of Managers on Tuesday, February 27, at 1:30 p.m., in the Family Law Center Assembly Room on the second floor.


    For More information Contact: Marc Flake, Public Information Officer at 817-884-253.

    News release date: February 27, 2018